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how to wash ski racing speed suits

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-07-06
The ski suit designed for speed racing is height-
Scientific research and planning.
These suits are made up of synthetic materials, usually a mixture of polyester, Leica and these materials to make skin fabrics
Tight, aerodynamics, smooth, water-
Insect repellent and breathable for your skin.
If the racers fall and slip in the snow, they also need to protect their bodies from scars and burns.
These expensive suits require special care to get the maximum mileage, but the care speed suit is not much more complicated than cleaning any other outfit used in traditional skiing.
Note the difficulty: the moderator determines whether your speed suit should be washed with a washing machine or by hand by looking at the clothing label.
Some sets are very delicate and can\'t even perform a gentle washing cycle in the machine.
Fill the large basin with cold or warm water, or fill the washing machine with cold water, according to the clothing instructions.
Fill with bleach-free detergent.
Insert the suit into the basin or washing machine.
If you are using a washing machine, make sure the machine is set to cold wash and the cycle is set to delicate/gentle.
If you wash the suit in the basin, rub the suit with your hand.
Be sure to wash the sweat inside the clothes.
Place the suit in the soap for at least 10 minutes and rinse with a hose or faucet.
If you wash the suit in the washing machine, just close the door and let the machine do the work.
Dry the clothes outside.
Do not wrap it up until it is completely dried, otherwise it will mold and spoil the suit.
If you pack it up this season, let it dry for a few days to make sure that no trapped water is stored in the suit.
The prompt and warning articles written by Jonathan Crosswell took more than five years to write and edit for some newspapers and online publications including the \"Omaha World\"
The Herald and The New York Daily
\"Croswell has a bachelor\'s degree in English literature from the University of neblas in the United States and is currently pursuing a master\'s degree in health and sports science at Portland State University.
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