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Jacuzzi, if you have money, you can choose it-jacuzzi,choice

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-28

Jacuzzi can be divided into two categories, one is the whirlpool bathtub, that is, the traditional bathtub with water coming out of the water outlet; the other is the bubble bathtub, the emerging market darling, which relies on bubbles to push water waves for massage. The Jacuzzi is at a high level of building materials products. Wen Jian, a designer with rich experience in Samsung Decoration, found Panyu JSWB Building Materials Museum, which brings together many domestic and foreign products. Surfing, physiotherapy, bubbles, and emotion. Wenjian chose a domestic brand. The shopping guide introduced a bubble bathtub and demonstrated it, but it was not approved by the designer. There are two serious defects in the tank. One is the strength of only one bubble. , can not meet more needs of users; second, the design of the bathtub is not ergonomic, such as the seat is too small, Wen Jian said, these seem to be trivial, but directly affect the comfort of use. In an international brand store, its bubble bathtub can adjust the strength of the bubbles, but Wenjian is still not satisfied. He feels that the curvature of the backrest is too straight. Sitting in the bathtub, from the back to the waist to the buttocks and legs, needs With an arc, this tub is also not ergonomic. The other bathtub is a combination of surfing water and bubble water. Wen Jian said that the surfing-style physiotherapy effect is better, suitable for men, and the bubble-style atmosphere is better, and some also have music and lighting, which are mostly preferred by women. , both kinds of water have their own advantages. However, he pointed out that when surfing out of the water, the water has to be recycled through the pipeline. After a long time of use, the pipeline may rust and cause water hygiene problems, so it is very important to have a self-cleaning function. The acrylic thermal insulation iron casting scratch-resistant Wenjian has come to Durages, Famous, Kaldewei and other specialty stores successively. In Durages, there is a massage bathtub whose surface has been treated with a pearl skin effect. Wenjian is very interested. This is acrylic material, but after special treatment, it shows the luster of pearl skin pattern, and it looks extravagant. Wen Jian commented that this bathtub is relatively innovative. In KALDEWEI, the steel enamel jacuzzi with only 3.5mm thickness also amazed Wen Jian. There are two main materials for the jacuzzi. One is the acrylic panel, which has a good thermal insulation effect, but is more afraid of scratches, and the load-bearing capacity of the panel varies with the The thickness varies, the thicker the stronger, so choose the thicker one; one is the less common cast iron bathtub, KALDEWEI's steel enamel bathtub belongs to the cast iron type, and after a special process, the panel can reach 3.5 mm Thick, greatly expands the space, more importantly, it is not afraid of scratches, not afraid of impact, and does not fade. The control switch of the touch-screen fashionable button-type durable massage bathtub is divided into touch-screen type and button-type (pull-up type). From the perspective of durability, Wenjian recommends the use of button-type switches. Even if there is a problem, the maintenance is easier; the touch-screen fashion , advanced, but after all, it is still a new technology, prone to failure, and more troublesome to repair and maintain. In addition, the massage bathtub is embedded, and the position of the inspection port should be reserved during installation, and the inspection port should be made the same as the effect of the bathtub base, so that no flaws can be seen; and the bathroom area is small, you can consider using a separate massage The bathtub does not need a base and can be placed in the bedroom or on the roof.

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