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Jade stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-13
The definition of jade acrylic countertops, is a very common. It, there is no established varieties limit, also without the requirement of precise components, mainly based on the external characteristics of the molecular structure, administrative levels feeling, have the extraordinary decorative effect of raw materials, can be known as jade acrylic countertops. On the basic principle of produce, jade belongs to deep mildew, continuously after the crystals of solid surface sheets material. Its crystal structure more comprehensive and better quality. This kind of deep mildew, must be at least one hundred million years. Therefore, jade production process, due to time the elements caused by the different quality. As the above the breeze stone, is the typical half jade, marble unique situation. Loose the breeze is different from the marble already, but from the people to understand the jade, again sent a familiar degree. And decorative stone of green jade varieties, for example, is also a kind of typical jade stone, but the kind of white jade, there are certain spacing. Scale, therefore, are treated as stone material is applied, great improve the engineering construction decoration luxurious feeling. Jade stone material, has the scale to decorate because everyone know about jade consciousness of development. Also because of stone material industrial chain expansion of production scale, and production and processing of technical development, this kind of 'jade' stone varieties, have been a lot of development and design, for engineering construction decoration. This reflects the awareness of stone material industrial chain and technical two-way development. This kind of jade stone, key commodities or centralized in traditional jade producers. Such as xinjiang hotan, kunlun mountains, kunming, xiuyan jade belt in northeast China, nanyang jade belt. In addition, the scale of this kind of stone material requirements, in order to solve China stone people in our country, people also full global prospecting. At present, from Afghanistan, Vietnam and other countries the production of jade stone, also continued to China. Able to anticipate, in an increasingly rich market in our country, in an increasingly personalized consumption crowd, before this kind of rare material, variety, must also have a broad market prospect.
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