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Landscape painting marble, let you have the feeling of walking!

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-17
its profile is similar to a natural form of ink painting landscape painting, marble is very distinctive, is the representative work of ghost axe alkaloids in nature. landscape painting good sell tens of thousands, tens of a vice, almost can only sell for hundreds and thousands of pieces, basically see pattern and material. landscape painting is very famous. In ancient China, the richer or the son of a family, often choose have shape the pattern of marble used to make screen or Mosaic. In modern times, people also brought landscape marble to modern home decoration, landscape painting with natural marble as a map for TV wall or background wall has become a fashion and trend. You also might as well try this the feeling of walking! Literary giant, science giant Mr Guo moruo has certain praised marble: 'three r. ancient tower, back to the dynasty years, sun yun feng, stone spit clouds. Phase in mind, cool was born between the inner parts, the day work human generation, overseas competition '. Famous painter wu zuoren visiting marble marble factory in 1980 after seeing those natural stone paintings readily inscription yunshan tiancheng 'four words', 'highly summarizes the characteristics of natural stone paintings. Famous writer joon is praised marble inscription is 'underneath the skylight, glittering and translucent nature'. 1980 famous martial arts writer jin yong in Dali's visit inscription: 'yunshan change, nature and humanity, Dali wonders'. Landscape painting from natural marble, no traces of artificial carve. All is natural marble is a reflection of the thing in the world. Evaluation from the following several aspects: natural stone paintings A) , mass. inside the chemical component, mineral composition, mineral crystallization degree on the surface of the stone, intuitive reflect. To exquisite stone quality, natural luster, glittering and translucent and transparent. General requirements without weathering phenomenon, without defects such as pit nest. ( 2) And color. Refers to the pattern of solid surface sheets color, hue, colour and lustre. painting color, hue, color bright, light, and white. Color is the life of the stone paintings, no change of color, the effectiveness of the stone paintings are lack of empathy. colour in general have a white, grey, noise. ( 3) , form. Refers to the image. Design has freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, image lifelike, can vividly, express a certain topic, apply colours to a drawing gives a certain artistic conception. ( 4) , strange. Refers to outstanding, beyond the ordinary, has unique features and characteristics, to the people from the novel, strange feeling. ( 5) And god. Means the soul inside of stone paintings, artistically, look have the vitality, reiki, not dull, not tacky, can send out within a acrylic countertops paintings in implication. Be vividly portrayed, cloud is like flying, including water. Artistic conception far-reaching, but an infatuated, god make the hearts relax, let a person simply astounding. ( 6) And rhyme. Refers to the lines, lines of rhythmic movements. Design of stone paintings color thick, weak is appropriate, line of virtual and actual, hydrophobic, close coordination, not cluttered. Picture grain color coordination, refreshing, meaning, connotation is rich, fascinating and thought-provoking.
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