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Letter to Shi Lifang Mao Lijian couple

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-10
'Dear ms zhou and Mr MAO, hello! 'Dear ms zhou and Mr MAO, hello! Recently, the swan high industrial zone chairman Mao Lijian, chun-fang zhou the couple received a seven pages of letters, it was written by a student named zhao, Shared his letters to Mao Lijian, chun-fang zhou in dribs and drabs of the school and the couple donated his gratitude at school. Letter to Mao Lijian couple zhao, is at the high town, because of poor families, four years ago, in pku organized activities, zhao, have the honor to become one of the funding of object. This 4 years, Mao Lijian, chun-fang zhou couple uninterrupted for their donations, until he finished college. One scene zhao, zhao, the school in the letter said, 'who are passionate about public welfare, influence that used to force others to pay attention to current affairs talented person really deserves you to worship. 'Is influenced by Mao Lijian couple, zhao, tell them in the letter, he will have good results, one's deceased father grind and again to be a teacher in mountain region, with their own practical action to return society. Read the letter from Mr. Zhao in study area for the entrance exam of graduate school, words let us Mao Lijian couple ACTS of kindness respect, they thanked, selfless aid, it is reflected in the 'send person rose, the hand leaves lingering fragrance. 'This sentence. Mao Lijian wife chun-fang zhou told small make up, every time read a letter from Mr. Zhao, total feel warm in my heart. Zhao, positive and uplifting, their own learning, life, over the years there is a well arranged well, still have a grateful heart, she felt that with the help of very meaningful, not only has realized the social value of the enterprise, at the same time, through the depth of 'a push,' the child can get more study in the same starting line for the dream of running. It is understood that Mao Lijian since 2013, continuous funding 45 impoverished college students, nearly more than 50, ten thousand yuan. In college students, there is no lack of also have mountain in Beijing university, central university of finance and economics, university and other famous universities students. Among them, have already graduated from four, after graduating from college graduate studies three. Mao Lijian said, to continue to attend graduate school university student, he will continue to donate, straight to complete their studies. Mao Lijian not only his benefactor, but also affect driving around people together to do good. In their own wall mounted bar countertop business, he also with high at the chamber of commerce jin-liang li, launched the chamber of commerce of entrepreneurs in the hope project, more than 40 donated 80. 40000 yuan for 67 poor college students. In April 2019, he launched a lookout high chamber of commerce members once again support activities, a total of eight company, support funds of 80000 yuan. Poverty relief donations at high chamber of commerce entrepreneurs Mao Lijian, chun-fang zhou couple's love, is reflected in high industrial departments in recent years, vigorously implement the 'flag by pilot five-star, ( Heart) Project 'the connotation of work were built, love dedication. Concentric is the core value of the united front, whose aim is to 'unite as one, concentric accordant, concentric counterparts'. Entrepreneurs develop public welfare undertakings, in terms of employment if the poor masses, jointly create a harmonious park development environment, it is work. Annual donation compassion charitable initiative to college students and entrepreneurs, to help difficult students, help out of poverty, and reflects the love.
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