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Look at the bathroom every day and do simple things well-bathroom, simple things

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-27

The Ito Shuangnan store sold nearly 2 billion yuan last year, with an average of 25,000 customers visiting the store every day. Three beliefs: loyal customers/loyal suppliers and other partners/loyal employees, wages are paid by customers. In 2012, the Shuangnan store underwent a large-scale renovation, and the area was expanded by 10,000 square meters, of which 5,000 square meters were international gourmet catering to improve life service facilities; three customer rest areas were configured in the public area of u200bu200bthe food city, nearly 300 square meters of garden-style rest. The area is also equipped with water dispensers and paper cups. The place where the manager must go every day is to see the bathroom/fitting room, which is a place that customers use more frequently. Promote a thank you campaign and zero complaints for customers to say thank you; Success Stories: Red Bean Cake Challenge Program Weekend Challenge Campaign, the same product, let customers feel the value and freshness; focus on the food department, choose new products or specialties Commodities or products of the current season, the challenge is that price wars are not allowed, and a single product needs to be sold at 10,000 yuan a day; first of all, it started with red bean cake, which is a Japanese specialty product with only one production machine. The high record is to sell 2,000 a day, and the challenge target is 3,500. Managers have made up their minds. The most important thing is to let employees participate, and employees understand better; one is to choose a single product of a certain taste (according to the principle of 28, choose a single product with larger sales volume), and then display it in a conspicuous place. At the same time, let the faster people participate in the production of each corresponding link (such as turning the cake/making stuffing), formulate the hourly sales target plan, the management personnel will keep an eye on it at any time, and adjust the measures in time, such as increasing the boxed sales/increasing the test. In the end, more than 4,000 products were sold by means of eating and other methods; the old products must find ways to increase sales. Challenge sales are currently being promoted. (Linkshang.com on-site report) Niu Zhiqing, manager of Dazhong Electric Beijing Zhongta Store: Doing Simple Things Well What the manager does is to do simple things well, strengthen implementation, and do every point well, small problems are big Function, simple but important; Store description: area of u200bu200b16,000 square meters, annual sales of 1.3-1.6 billion yuan, 53,000 yuan per square meter; average daily unit price of 1,800 yuan; Advantages: more parking spaces / large operating area / richer products / layout Reasonable Disadvantages: Not a commercial area / The door is relatively small / The hardware is poor / The community is relatively scattered and relies on large-scale promotions and various marketing activities to highlight new products; Preparations/outreach activities/atmosphere layout/after-sales follow-up/summary analysis, etc. Promotional purposes: All activities that are conducive to product sales, to get people; Discounts, perfect activities; ten years of feedback: ten years of old invoices / ten years of change essays / ten years of more supportive manufacturers selection / promoters and employees evaluation / ten years of children of the same age / tenth anniversary wedding commemorative gifts.... Advance in advance It is hot, and it will be advanced in stages; The golden night market the day before yesterday: get 10 grams of gold for every purchase; pay attention to the sales of the night market. On the 4th day, the bank's internal purchase meeting, the fifth day, the military region's purchase meeting, the sixth day, the CCTV audience's group buying session, the seventh day, the staff's internal purchase meeting, the eighth day, the star signing on the ninth day, the diamond super night market, and the diamond super night market. Ten days without shopping, drawing prizes and sending cars to achieve sales of over 162 million yuan in the last 10 days, a year-on-year increase of 42.58%; often go to the entrance/checkout counter and pay attention to passenger flow; only find ways for success, not reasons for failure;

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