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Natural luyandan color generally, there are some differences in the same mining area is the same mines mining, the color will be different

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-13

so, luyandan stone color difference between how to do? How to let the stone material of inventory turn?

luyandan dyeing principle: natural wall mounted bar countertop material is pore, it is easy to absorb liquid. We can use this feature, will join the deployment of the penetrating agent and stone of the same color stain dyeing processing. Currently luyandan stain is mainly divided into two kinds, one is already on the market deployment of good, is a stone factory allocation.

deserves our attention is that not all stone material is suitable for dyeing, only those products with a little difference color, decorative pattern, granular texture consistent stone to fit.

color difference between luyandan wall mounted bar countertop? Dyeing was carried out on the stone material surface treatment is the best choice. Here, luoyang stone processing warn broad customer friend, lu yanshi, the choose and buy must to the formal manufacturers, so as to guarantee the quality of wall mounted bar countertop material, avoid to buy inferior stone.
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