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Natural marble and scagliola which radiation to human body

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-30
Natural marble is made up of sedimentary rocks in the earth's crust with high temperature and high pressure metamorphic mined, artificial marble is approved by gravel, powder and synthetic resin raw materials such as the high temperature curing, general said the radiation has no harm to human body. Natural marble is mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite, and its main component is calcium carbonate, about 55% above, among them the white marble calcium carbonate accounted for the highest, about 99% above, also known as coarse whiting stone. Natural marble is part of the metal components, no harmful to human body or radioactive substances. radiation of high and low can see from outside its exposure index and according to color index; Inspection of entrance ceramic tile makes domestic ceramic tile were imported marble makes domestic marble internal exposure index 0. 59 0. 32 0. 07 0. 02 external exposure index of 1. 18 0. 54 0. 04 0. Through scientific test results; internal exposure index and index of external exposure is far lower than the ceramic tile material, can say that the radiation is lower than natural marble tiles for several times. Although the radiation of ceramic tile is higher than the marble, but no more than harmful to human body irradiation within and outside according to standard, belongs to the healthy environmental protection decorates material. Artificial marble of main raw material for dolomite, for natural marble gravel with powder, about 95% above, artificial solid surface sheets for sale, so to speak of internal exposure index and index of external exposure is associated with the natural marble, almost all belong to the health and safety environmental protection building materials. The main raw material of artificial marble is natural marble, so both radiation index, internal exposure index and index of external exposure are far below the solid wood and glass material.
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