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Natural marble radiation have been exempted from inspection

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-29
By China stone association, the Chinese stone material quality test center, the national stone material standards technical committee for various industries consumers tripartite authorities issued a marble radiation test report, the report indicates that natural marble products without a harm to human body. Natural solid surface sheets for sale radioactive radiation comments mislead consumers purchase options, ask yourself; There is no radiation which nature material have? Just whether radiation level have a harm to human body. Natural marble have radiation? The answer is yes; Natural marble has radiation, but its radiation does not cause a harm to human body, the radiation is still in a safe area. Not only marble has radiation, even the cement, furniture and so on in our life are radioactive, but should not talk about nuclear, we want to use the scientific basis to prove its harmfulness. According to the authority given by the three parties natural marble radiation inspection report, China building decoration stone mainly divided into three categories, class A, class B and class C, natural solid surface sheets for sale, artificial stone, belong to A class ( Decorated) can be used in any place Stone, solid surface belongs to class B ( Can be used for outdoor decoration) , class C stone ( Only can be used in outdoor park, river bank) 。 By the three big stone authorities detection, after the broadcast, the two central economic homebred marble internal exposure index of 0. 02, index of external exposure of 0. 01. The domestic tile internal exposure index of 0. 32, index of external exposure of 0. 54, the answer is obvious; Natural radiation is much lower than the radiation of ceramic tile, marble decorative materials are natural health.
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