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Natural marble stone care little common sense

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-29
is the main mineral calcium carbonate and dolomite, after polishing evident on the surface of the particles. is the main mineral calcium carbonate and dolomite, after polishing evident on the surface of the particles. Calcium carbonate in zhongyi and atmospheric carbon dioxide, carbon, sulfur dioxide, water vapor effect, also easy to weathering and dissolving turbidity, the surface soon lose its luster. So how should the marble maintenance? Generally used in indoor decoration marble, although marble chemical stability, but as long as it is easily after crystal on the surface of weathering and the oxygen in the air sulfur, its he non-ferrous metal hardening, yellow or pale marble. surface luster bright, as long as the stone is not easy to react with water, and because some of the big rock permeability, water easily penetrate to the board face, many families decorate with natural marble bathroom installation, choice of water infiltration in the marble, stone shine brighter, more thorough, moisture dry stone changed back to its original color. with color are most afraid of besmirch, used for scrubbing table marble material must be timely, ensure the stains don't penetrate the stone, and one is the fear of the knock, marble if be hard hit may broke the surface of the crystal. Don't use any thing with metal material clean scrub solid surface sheets for sale, also can add a layer of protective wax on the surface of marble block, in order to make sure the stain can't infiltrate into the internal.
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