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Natural marble stone mining processing process

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-28
Natural marble stone mining processing process need to process, high price determines the process requirements, from production to processing the required manpower and material resources, technology and transportation, it takes a long time, installation art is complex, has produced stone prices of one of the factors. Small make up for everyone to comb the stone mining and processing process. From mining the original stone from the mining of the original stone must ensure that the integrity of the original stone, generally mined waste material specifications in x 2 x 2 meter. 5 meters or so, not too small nor too large, because of technology, equipment, mining itself factors, at present, the stone material yield is only 36%. Has created a lot of marble broken material consumption. The trimming shipped from mines around the block is uneven, need after edge trimming machine. Three cutting by large saws cutting waste material into the solid surface sheets for sale slabs, has belongs to the semi-finished products, can be directly sold four polishing grinding machine polishing burnish, natural marble luminosity can reach more than 90% commonly, good polishing machine can make the marble higher luminosity five specifications cutting by bridge cutting machine cutting, marble slabs cut according to customer requirements specification ( General loss 20%) Six dozen side dozen edge (according to customer's requirements The duck mouth, ling edge, round edge) Seven dozen network usually need to play network, glue, glue plate belongs to brittle point that class eight packaging according to customer requirements packaging ( Wooden boxes, wooden) Nine transport transport trucks and shipping, shipping is usually customers pay, loading shall be the responsibility of the manufacturer of natural marble stone mining processing process includes more than nine, products sent to the customer listed on hand and need a variety of processes. Natural solid surface sheets for sale is fragile, when decorating, unavoidably appear and this requires professional and technical personnel to install, including late filling glue in grinding.
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