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Natural marble table what are the advantages and disadvantages

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-27
Natural marble table is the first stage of the mainstream furniture, a marble table can match Chinese style furniture not only, also can match Europe type furniture, not only beautiful, also very practical. So natural marble table is advantages and disadvantages; Advantages; table inherits the marble high hardness, not the characteristics of deformation, has good wear resistance, no obvious scratches. Its physical properties also have the condition of constant temperature. Compared with wooden or stainless steel table, the table can adapt to the damp environment, good moisture resistance, will not rust, acid and alkali resistance, dustproof, easy to maintain. table USES the marble stone material composition is simple, good processability, basically fine texture, smooth connect fully, can present a good mirror visual effect. The table looks more beautiful, improve the grade. Faults; Smooth surface product jade-like stone marble table, once with some oil or water, it is difficult to immediately they erase, time is long, can brush varnish to make up for, natural marble material, easy penetration. table because of marble material itself, has certain radiation, especially artificial marble, no solid wood dining table and environmental protection. table does not apply to small family homes, besides will occupy a certain space, is relatively heavy, moving and mobile is not convenient as a kind of natural stone, marble will inevitably have radiation, table is also made with radiation. Natural marble table of radiation is lower than the artificial solid surface sheets for sale table, basically can't hurt people, individual inferior artificial marble table may have too much radiation, so when the choose and buy please select qualified products.
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