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Natural marble texture to witness incomparable beauty

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-28
, as high quality building materials, has great inclusive, plasticity. , as high quality building materials, has great inclusive, plasticity. Its sort is various, grain change myriad, has a highly artistic grain color, and through the design of the natural texture of marble pavement can better play its overall beauty and superior quality. for grain, with grain, grain and other shop. Because the texture direction is stronger, so to form a radial pattern after the grain, compare with impact. And some of the texture, unstructured to grain can be formed after delicate and beautiful patterns. The pair have a strong tension of grain and expressive, can create a noble luxurious atmosphere. Chase lines joining together, is to splice in aspects of the same piece of stone, texture to retain the original layout, let the stone texture is better. Chase lines joining together to present the original images, with one of the most natural beauty, wen has more space of extensibility, rich imagination. Fills the random, can reflect the natural beauty of natural stone material, but to do in chaos orderly, has a certain aesthetic feeling, will test the capability of the design layout! Located in the flat in guangxi, the specialty is engaged in stone material for 13 years, the company has a strong and experienced designers, is a personalized custom quality manufacturers, whole house. Company team to make the 2 pieces of marble texture to the puzzle - — Ask 'disappears' KuangYuan boundless field, ride the waves in al hadd ship and clear ChengBi at hunan water northward for to reveal artistic conception and dripping wet is delicate. 'So much jiao' is to let feast one's eyes on of National People's Congress, feeling letting a person as if by inside and outside the Great Wall, endless was a vast expanse of whiteness in the Yellow River and saw a roaring, and appreciate the mountain plateau white elephants run. 。 。 The two picture, beautiful gained consistent high praise! On the association of south-east Asian nations (asean) in nanning the that famous, has become more and more people trust cooperation of the manufacturers.
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