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Natural stone decoration process?

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-26
Natural stone decoration process? As a kind of high-grade natural solid surface sheets for sale metope adornment material, decorative stone spread already a long time, it is an ancient and traditional stone material, its surface smooth level off, smooth like a mirror, after polishing glossiness is as high as 98%. At the same time, its wear-resisting performance is good, easy to do. Stone material is also called the white marble, white marble medium hardness for processing, grain nature, give a person to make, and elegant visual effect. When decorate stone material, should be careful to protect, when upright handling marginal land, to avoid positive edge horn first; At the same time to avoid the corner first. Size large solid surface sheets for sale or solid surface slab, should not be flat, in order to prevent due to weight of the bending moment and rupture, decorate stone material area, the greater the metope of the aperture is less, the higher the overall effect. There are no two pieces of the same stone, stone texture so when decorate reasonable collocation, visual aesthetic overall ascension. When installing a metope, make sure you know the location of the first layer board, want to consider the thickness of plate, the width of the crack seal, steel mesh of the size, and then draw a line of the first layer board. Will along under the first layer board on the wall, skirting board, if any, will first baseboard elevation lines to play well. Choose good and is completed with the tie line the sheet accordingly. After work, when the wiring or hook block fluently use wood wedgeplug tightly, and use at any time by feet and check the slab surface smooth level and top level conditions. If there are any inappropriate place, you can reset wedge, the surface, under the plate along the padded thin skin is easy to lead straight. From one direction in order to start the installation, from one end to the other end. Plate surface through inspection, the quality is qualified, began to plate and base of about 3 cm space between grouting. Sand mortar with herself for cement: = 12. 5 ( Volume ratio) 。 Seam grouting with small bucket then pour in, don't touch the SLATE, pour also not only made from one place, but along the side length, evenly spread out, a layer of stone finish filling slurry, mortar initial setting rear can clean up over top of the slurry, clean with cotton yarn. After clean install another layer of slab, using the above procedure, in turn, stick to complete. All installed, remove all gypsum and pulp remnants, and then use panel with same color paste embedded embedded suspected side wipe up, make dense aperture, the same color.
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