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Natural stone material to the finished product from mining in the final application, in the process, there will be a lot of processing steps, every processing process will produce waste, such as mine

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-18
One, stone material processing tailings, material recycling in

in the processing of natural stone material process, will produce a approximately is 5%, MAO board about one third of the total tailings. If the waste abandoned, have to shipping economic cost and stacking improperly and hinder environmental protection. In fact, these leftover bits of material is very versatile.

  1. Used for highway doers of the word line board. Town of the doers of the word line article USES white natural stone plate set, protruding, once and for all.

  2. Used in the production of material and icy veins marble spelling a flower. Spelling a flower is different design and color of small brick, wall mounted bar countertop bond into large size sheet; Icy veins solid surface sheets for sale is directly put the leftover material Mosaic large size sheet of different colors, like riverside thaw the ice, so its name. These two kinds of splicing plates, distinctive if appropriate, spelling a flower of adhesive is proper, its value is not inferior to the quality goods, Large size) The plank.

  3. Use its natural form, indoor and outdoor floor, walls and park aisle. According to the variety of texture difference, using the principle of tonal collocation such as aesthetics, joining together into round, square, triangle, animals and plants, such as the vivid image of the design after using, more show interest, beautiful and pleasant.

  4. Used to make electrical insulating materials. Conform to the electrical appliance leftover material can be made into electric gate, light switch, switch cabinets, etc. , is one of the indispensable material power industry, its products are quite popular.

  5. Cut into different shapes of small specifications of tiles, Mosaic, used in the corridor, flower terraces, toilet and other small places and small parts of the face, both durable, clean, tidy and beautiful again.

  6. Make small crafts, small commodities. Made of tailings material table lamp holder, desk calendar, brush pot, inkstone, paper weight, painting and all kinds of screen door shake handshandle, table and so on, elegant and beautiful.

2, stone processing of natural wall mounted bar countertop powder recycle

will be crushed stone and processing wall mounted bar countertop specifications plate expected processed into powder, has a variety of purposes.

  1. Add powder production welding electrode. Can slagging role, in order to prevent into oxygen and nitrogen in the molten pool and electric arc.

  2. Filling agent of chemical products and paint filler, architectural decoration paint, etc.

  3. Used to live has been the delayering of coal and desulfurizer, add people to the life with coal 5 ~ 10% of the marble powder, not only can save coal, and can fuel, reduce sulfur dioxide gas evolution, improve the indoor and outdoor environment, save energy and improve economic benefit.

  4. Instead of soda, used in tanning. With this technology, can reduce the labor intensity, improve the production environment, improve the economic benefit.

  5. Waste rock slurry ( Mud) Used in the production of artificial sand, foundry sand and waterproof material, such as: linoleum debonding powder, etc. , used in steel casting, easy to take off the film, gradually smooth, etc.
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