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Natural white marble stone carving causes of color difference and processing method

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-10
Natural white marble acrylic countertops carving have first of all, the reason of color difference and processing method when select material from solid surface, marble is still sandstone, have off color problem. When the same type when the shop is in the same plane with larger area should be paid attention to particularly. White solid surface sheets in color difference there is several reasons: white marble block from mines at the beginning of the layer, from different authors or different levels; White solid surface sheets processing back yards not in accordance with the block number and batch; White marble when the shop is not in accordance with the code list and batch number at the supplier's supply, etc. Because of reserves and the cause of the ore body, color difference is the extent of the reaction on the white marble types in detail, some kinds of white marble nearly thousand square meters or tens of thousands of square meters there will be no problem, and some kinds of several hundred square meters is not guaranteed. Choose white marble began to consider such a problem here. Thus, when choosing white marble type and color must be to think, plan of large-area best able to mine the spot investigation, factory may have ready-made examples. In addition, white marble supplier in factory must, in accordance with the batch of waste material to plank sort Numbers, for those difficult selection must be rolled out. White marble arrived at the construction site installation must be in accordance with the supplier to supply the code number and single order device, so that white marble even have off color can also be gradually transition. Overall, texture and shape or colorful marble color difference problem is not obvious, the off color problem of solid surface is more common but relatively easy to manipulate. Older ore types on the market and sales of the larger species less chromatism problem also. Color difference solution: according to different structure and color features of white marble, white marble will have off color phenomenon facing roughly classified into two categories: 1, the same color of white marble color is white marble is to point to have the same structure and characteristics, and color composition of the same or similar to a class of white marble. For example: shandong white hemp of large flowers and flowers and flowers from the flower,, smooth and rough, and new surface and the old surface and upper and lower seam belong to the same color of white marble. For this kind of white marble, the color difference between grace recommended type white marble curing agent ( Also known as wet agent, antistaling agent) To deal with. Graces white marble type curing agent is suitable for small color difference between the same color is white marble adjustment and appear wear away, fade, dim the phenomenon such as marble, solid surface, sandstone, SLATE, etc have breathing pores grace type of dark white marble processing. To add to the light color of white marble effect is not obvious. Grace because it is not easy to fade after, so, it is recommended that the first small sample experiment, confirm the effect again after large area construction. 2, different color of white marble color is white marble is a completely different structure and characteristic, and totally different color composition or the category of white marble difference is very big. Gold thread, for example, cream-colored and new west cream-colored, Spain cream-colored and white sand between cream-colored, shandong white hemp gray linen with the United States belong to a different color of white marble. To the chromatism between them, it is suggested that using the staining method ( Dyeing) To deal with. At present, the white marble coloring methods about 20 kinds, mostly need a specific device or field. It is for white marble maintenance industry is not too realistic. Use white marble stain for tinting treatment is a kind of both simple and good way to effect is remarkable. But, because of the white marble once after coloring, is not easy to remove, so suggest construction by professional and technical personnel, so as not to cause unnecessary losses.
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