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Natural white marble table how to choose and buy

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-27
Natural white marble table is the mainstream of the present stage is also a trend, the white marble table how to choose and buy is best? Natural white marble table is the mainstream of the present stage is also a trend, the white marble table how to choose and buy is best? Below we said to establish yao is the distinguishing feature of the marble table, with what can be affected by the consumer. 1. Natural solid surface sheets for sale table has the characteristics of deformation, high hardness, mirror mirror, after polishing grinding and cool swim very strong abrasion resistance. 2. Natural marble has the characteristics of strong alkali corrosion resistance, also won't have metal rust trouble, and to maintain a very simple, long service life. 3. Natural marble surface is not easy to touch ash, high hardness, don't take hard scratch, physical performance is stable. 4. With wooden furniture for the marble table, have the greatest advantage is not afraid of damp, marble is not affected by the moisture, not moldy. physical pressure resistance is small, stone material is brittle, so must be careful when transport. table of choose and buy is mainly to see whether the marble table with legs coordination, different color with different color table legs, legs generally choose stainless steel, and are best saddle point is greater than 4 a. Use most on the market basically is a white marble table, buying the marble table don't know a lot of customers, the theory of cost, the price of the marble table is not as good as supporting legs, has several hundred yuan a piece of marble table, with what the marble table to sell thousands of also? The truth is that the price of the marble table leg is much higher than desktop, generally better legs ex-factory price will be more than one thousand. Buy natural marble table you have two choices 1; In the furniture store to buy, the advantage is the marble table board face breed diversity, the door installation. 2; Manufacturer of custom to buy, the advantage is the marble desktop specifications are free to customize, price concessions, the disadvantage is that the marble varieties. Shi Lifang professional custom marble table, white marble industry for 12 years, has more than 10 years of professional and technical personnel for your custom.
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