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Neoclassicism and the fashion style of Yinjing-Yinjing Sanitary Ware, Shanghai Kitchen and Bathroom Exhibition

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-27

The 16th Shanghai Kitchen u0026 Bath Show held on May 25, 28, 2011 has come to an end. Sohu.com, Sohu Home Shijiazhuang reporters had the honor to participate in the exhibition and interviewed Yinjing at the exhibition site. Mr. Wu Peng, deputy general manager of Sanitary Ware. [Interviewed person]: Wu Peng, deputy general manager of Yinjing Sanitary Ware

Wu Peng, deputy general manager of Yinjing Sanitary Ware

[Reporter]: First of all, I would like to ask how many times Yinjing Sanitary Ware participated in the exhibition this year. What is the focus of this year's exhibition compared to previous years? [Wu Peng]: This year is our fifth time to participate in the exhibition. This year, we have revised the image. We still emphasize our store image, product display image and service image that we have adhered to over the years. Better display to dealers and potential customers. [Reporter]: The bathroom brands at this exhibition have two extreme trends in appearance design. One is to change to a luxurious European style, and the other is to change to a simple style. Then our Yinjing Sanitary Ware is more design-oriented. Leaning on that style? [Wu Peng]: We Yinjing are currently doing both styles. In terms of retro style, Yinjing cooperates with the German brand Ingmar, but we are not retro, we are neoclassical, which is an alternative Classical, elegant but fashionable; Yinjing's fashion styles are all simple-style designs, but we have also made our own changes to this style of design to make it more in line with our Chinese consumption habits and cultural needs. [Reporter]: Will new products be displayed at the exhibition every year? What kind of promotion method does Yinjing use in the national promotion? [Wu Peng]: Yes, we show our new products at the exhibition every year. Our current nationwide promotion is a large-scale promotion method. We have distributors home.focus.cn all over the country. In the next step, we will further increase the density of our nationwide distributors. [Reporter]: Can you tell me how many dealers of Yinjing are in the country, and how are they distributed in the country? [Wu Peng]: We, Yinjing, have more than 300 specialty stores across the country. From a national perspective, they are still concentrated in first-tier cities along the coast. We are stepping up development in second- and third-tier cities in the inland. [Reporter]: There are more foreign merchants participating in the exhibition this year, so what is the difference between their product selection and our domestic merchants? [Wu Peng]: Foreign merchants tend to prefer a simple design style in their choices, which is different from that of domestic people in their pursuit of individuality. [Reporter]: Finally, please tell us a few words to our Sohu netizens! [Wu Peng]: Yinjing Sanitary Ware has always insisted on quality and design. In this exhibition, the image and design of our exhibition hall are pursuing a unified home.focus.cn. In addition to design, our quality is also more popular. The most important thing is that the quality of the product is the foundation of all your brilliance. Without a good foundation, you will not succeed in the end. We Yinjing have been insisting on doing better in these two aspects. What we pay more attention to now is online promotion, that is, online promotion. Many netizens are willing to come to our physical store to experience the products after learning about our products online. We welcome this. When choosing products, we still encourage consumers to inspect the products they like on the spot, because it is impossible to understand a product very thoroughly only from the pictures. Only in the field inspection can you discover some unique features of the product. [Reporter]: Thank you for accepting our interview!

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