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New Year's Creative Life - Tips for Buying Washbasin-bathroom, washbasin

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-16

The washbasin is the basic component of the bathroom, and it is also a sanitary ware with high frequency. It is used for washing face, brushing teeth, washing hands and some regular washing. The bathroom should be decorated practically and beautifully, and the treatment of the opposite basin is very important. Learn the following four tricks when purchasing, which can not be ignored for you to buy a satisfactory basin. (1) Space determines the form The washbasin is roughly divided into two types: stand-alone and desktop. The stand-alone model has beautiful appearance, small footprint, and easy maintenance. It is suitable for bathrooms with little space. However, it needs to be equipped with a mirror box or a toilet rack, so that some toiletries and cosmetics can be placed in the space above the basin. A desktop washbasin takes up at least the space of a small desk. Toiletries can be placed on the countertop, and sundries can be placed in the cabinet below. If the bathroom area is not large, you can consider installing a triangular washbasin in the corner, and a triangular sundries rack can be hung above the basin to store cleaning supplies. (2) Pay attention to the height Whether it is a stand-alone or table-top basin, the height of the basin or countertop from the ground should be 80-85 cm, because a too short basin will cause back pain. (3) Pay attention to the finish. The basin edge of the basin must be slightly higher than the countertop, but the joint with the countertop must be smooth. The purpose is to wipe the water splashed on the countertop back into the basin without hindrance, and at the same time to facilitate the cleaning of the countertop. The countertop itself must be made of a material with a smooth surface, and the edges and corners must be smooth to avoid bumps. The smoothness of the basin itself is also very important. The basin surface with high smoothness makes it difficult for the sundries in the water to adhere to the surface, which relatively reduces the number of times of scrubbing. (4) High level and water According to the general rule, the high level of the basin is proportional to the strength of the water flow installed on it, that is, the deep basin can be installed with strong water flow. Never install thick water on a basin with a shallow bottom, which can cause people to splash themselves when using water. The bottom of the pot should have enough curvature, not too flat, otherwise water will accumulate in it.

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