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No shortage of storage in the bathroom space, large use of small space-bathroom space, storage, small space

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-01

Bathroom time is a more relaxing time in the day. You can treat yourself well and calm down. At the same time, it is also synonymous with comfort, privacy and self-renewal. The realization of the process of physical and mental cleansing and pleasure is inseparable from the reasonable functional layout of the bathroom, and the perfect layout depends greatly on the wisdom of the owner's storage. 1. The scenery behind the glass door With the built-in glass door cabinet design, the internal storage is undoubtedly at a glance. The glass door design is bright, but it also has higher requirements for bathroom storage, so there is no room for sloppy. Store heavy towels, large towels, bath towels, etc. on the top layer of the cabinet. Put other, not-so-beautiful toiletries in the lower cabinets, behind the doors. 2. Take your place A pair of wall cabinets above the sink can be used to store toothpaste, mouthwash, aspirin and other supplies. Frequently used items, such as soap, shampoo and bath products, perfume, cosmetics, etc., are stored in the storage compartment under the wall cabinet. The cupboard between the two sinks is used to store towels and bathrobes. 3. Dual-purpose cabinets in the bathroom space The foldable cabinet door design, behind the glass door are neatly stored bathroom necessities, as well as the owner's various collections and displays. Place storage baskets on the bottom of the cabinet for paper towels and more! 4. The knowledge of rattan baskets The rattan baskets stand against the wall, providing a delicate and convenient storage space. All items are within reach. Rattan baskets also add to the pastoral charm in the bathroom space. 5. Corner cabinet The most important rule of storage in bathroom space is: don't waste any inch of precious space. The corner of the wall is a place that is easily overlooked and wasted. Install a cabinet in the corner. The open storage compartment on the upper level is used for display, and the lower level is used for storage of other supplies. 6. Pull-out storage baskets The three-tiered storage racks are neatly placed with idyllic storage baskets. The storage basket can be easily pulled out to sort and store towels and other toiletries. 7. Embedded power When decorating the wall of the bathroom space, we must fully consider the possible storage effect of the wall. For example, a simple storage cabinet can be inserted into the partition of the sink attachment; or a shelf can be inserted to store bottles and cans. 8. Wall shelf If you want to 'squeeze' more storage space in the limited bathroom space, the built-in wall shelf is the best choice. Whether it is functional or display, the wall shelf is quite good! 9. The middle area The space between the basins should also be used well, and a separate or built-in cabinet should be installed between the basins. This locker can be used to store cosmetics, and also provides a platform for hairbrushes, lipsticks, etc. 10. The slim basin cabinet has a transparent glass countertop, two delicate small basins, and a set of slender and simple storage drawers in the middle. The wall is used instead of the countertop, which is in line with the overall bright and simple style echo. The storage drawer in the middle can be used to store toiletries and other cosmetics.

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