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Now just know originally so congratulation state marble beauty

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-20
Someone says: every life experience, is a perfect travel, travel doesn't care about the results, only look at the scenery, and met a person. Someone says: every life experience, is a perfect travel, travel doesn't care about the results, only look at the scenery, and met a person. Glad the moment I met you, let me see was commonplace congratulation state marble can also become extraordinary creature. During the National Day coincided with my cousin married, so he and mother decided to take a trip to congratulation state at cousin's wedding, and visit the famous scenic spot huang yao ancient town, by the way. Congratulation state is one of the country's largest coarse whiting powder production base and production base are derived, was awarded the China 'of coarse whiting' and the title of 'city' are derived. Here are products are many sold to guangdong, hk &macau area, through a large bay area exported to overseas markets. Because of a bit can't wait, we set out very early! Work in congratulation state's aunt is also very close in congratulation state stop early wait for us. Out of congratulation state high MTR station soon to an industrial zone - — At high industrial zone, calcium carbonate related businesses on both sides of the road, the road are pieces of the field put the factory solid surface sheets for sale block mined from the mine. Over here is the industrial zone is the mountains, on the side of the road can see past the green and white mountain in the distance, green trees, white marble, white marble is one of the most famous. Because from the lunch time also early, she took us to visit her company, — , she said they engaged in stone industry for 12 years, the company has to do marble mining, processing and deep, accessible throughout the year is 2 million m after, the production of about 6 million tons of ore, the annual output of plate up to 1 million m squared, annual production of calcium carbonate powder, about 1 million tons, annual output of about 500000 pieces of marble handicrafts. Aunt heard these huge Numbers, wonder how this company is really strong! Aunt took us to the company's new natural marble experience pavilion, said to us: 'the solid surface sheets for sale is limestone or dolomite formed under the action of the pressure of the earth's crust. Nature, natural marble picture, each side is various, spectacular, like elegantly master elaborate painting! We used to make the background wall, it was as any household adornment picture. And natural marble green environmental protection, as in nature, which are found in nature, like flowers and plants trees, and the human living environment friendly fusion, excluding may affect human body health of radioactive material, more and more people begin to use marble as the mainstream of decoration materials. 'Experience in the floor of the museum are all congratulation state made of marble, there are stairs, metope, every look as a picture, let a person feel beautiful! Upstairs marbles in vivid stereo, lifelike. Me most amazing is composed of various kinds of marble hand painting, the Hepburn theme paintings, made of white marble base color and then match the waterjet technology of facial features, spelling a flower is as beautiful as in the photo. Building the door still has a lot of marble handicrafts, statue, little angel statue, and different railings, railing, move to want to take a home to do the decoration! Good time is always short, haven't a good feeling congratulation state marble beauty is going to start next, next time you must have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of it!
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