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Number of natural stone material all parts

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-27
Natural stone has a unified number, there are mainly granite, English ) , marble, English ) , SLATE ( English Alate) Natural stone has a unified number, there are mainly granite, English ) , marble, English ) , SLATE ( English Alate) , naming standards refer to JC/T 202 - 1992 ( 1996). Natural marble block and JC/T 202 - 1992 ( 1996). Natural granite block. Natural stone material number named by stone English open letters, plus the administrative division code of the People's Republic of China, combined with product code. Such as granite rock CenXiHong number G4562, G for solid surface English letters in the beginning, 45 administrative code, CenXiHong code no. 62. In the same way; number starts with M, SLATE to start is A. The People's Republic of China on administrative division code is 1; Beijing fang shan magmatic code 112; Code 133 in hebei province; Code 144 in Shanxi Province; The Inner Mongolia autonomous region code 155; Code 216 in liaoning province; Jilin province code 227; Code 238 in heilongjiang province; Code 339 in zhejiang province; Code 3410 in anhui province; Code 3511 in fujian province; Code in jiangxi province, 3612; Code 3713 in shandong province; Code 4114 in henan province; Code 4215 in hubei province; Code 4316 in hunan province; Code, guangdong province, 4417; Zhuang autonomous region code 4518; Code 5119 in sichuan province; Code 5220 in guizhou; Beijing code 5521; Code 6222 in gansu province; The xinjiang uygur autonomous region code 65 due to large changes in marble, good ore mouth also may produce bad marble, poor ore mouth will be a good marble, marble with the name instead of code. For example; Most cheap white solid surface sheets for sale, white marble is market white mine mouth also produce white marble, white is more than the white marble in one of the most valuable. White is grey lines and Huang Wen, Huang Wen relative is a little taller than ash grain hardness, high whiteness, the carving on the market the material selection are basically Huang Wen west white. mine
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