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Parts of stone material development present situation

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-12
resources mostly distributed in the barren hills TuLing and the gobi desert in xinjiang, the orebody stripping quantity is small, suitable for large-scale mining and the environmental impact is not big. At present, the part of the large stone company is stepping up the southeast coastal areas of xinjiang acrylic countertops equipment, technology, capital investment, which will effectively promote the rapid development of xinjiang stone. In addition, some stone producing railway line less developed in xinjiang, and expensive cost of transportation will become the bottleneck of stone material cost control in xinjiang in recent years, which should be paid attention during the height of the mining developers. Guangxi: red varieties quality good ascension to be sometimes a few years ago, the guangxi CenXiHong, maple red granite plate 'red' super popular, best-selling domestic and overseas markets. Due to reasons such as insufficient investment in recent years, with stone material such as fujian, guangdong, shandong province, compared to the upgrading of technology, equipment is slower, so that CenXiHong granite decoration material such as scenery is absent. Authorities according to industry analysis, and the development of guangxi miho stone breed such as red, guilin, are excellent in stone, but we can not sell in the market for the price, the main reason is processing technology, low product class. Recently, the guangxi congratulation state spending 10 big stone industry, increase the white marble, and other varieties of granite mining processing, building first-class stone material base of the 'big' has been launched, seems to let people hear the stone in northeast guangxi horn. Yunnan: sandstone with high quality and new product popular in yunnan is the home of marble, marble for nearly 10 years of rapid development in China, however, the stone, building decoration when choosing the solid surface sheets stone, often referred to Italy, Beijing well, guangdong yunfu, sichuan baoxing, shandong pingyi (such as the origin of a product, as the hometown of marble seems popular in yunnan. Of course, the archaize furniture, natural stone paintings and all kinds of handicrafts, yunnan marble remains indispensable status. Were developed in the past two years, many well-known varieties of yunnan and welcomed by the market, such as baoshan cream-colored, white haitang, colorful jade, jade Cuan well-known varieties of marble. Also, yunnan sandstone is a kind of natural sedimentary formation of the ore body by the hundreds of millions of years, with wuding reserves, more variety. At present, yunnan sandstone building decoration materials has developed a yellow wood, annual ring, ju wood, Bai Huawen, and huge reserves. Sandstone mining has been formed in yunnan to a beautiful stone stone company in yunnan several scale enterprises, the annual output of 200000 square meters. It is reported, sandstone development has been listed as key projects in yunnan province, which will lay the solid foundation for yunnan stone recasting brilliant. Sichuan: reserves, mining conditions superior varieties more sichuan ya 'an area and kangding, t, white solid surface sheets is of rich mineral resources and good quality, such as 'baoxing white', 'lotus white' and so on, which can be mined very rare in the country. Sichuan granite mineral resources are abundant, such as xichang area has invested mining m easy green, panxi blue are high-grade varieties. In addition, in today's market to be bestowed favor on newly sandstone also has a large amount of storage, and with the advantages of wide award, mining condition is superior. Experts believe that the sichuan red wood grain and green sandstone quality is good, are popular fashion decoration material market, development prospect is good. At present, although have variety in sichuan, huge reserves of mineral resources, but the small scale mining processing, annual production is only several thousand cubic meters of granite, sandstone, at a high reserves, low output. Sichuan baoxing jade stone mining processing has begun to take shape, and has initially formed from mining, plate processing, mechanical processing to the product sales is relatively complete industrial chain. Inner Mongolia: the transportation convenience, the ore body is good, have larger development space stone material producing and chifeng in Inner Mongolia, LiangCheng, xinfeng and other regions, stone varieties, and is famous for its perfect quality black granite products at home and abroad, have highlighted rare varieties advantage. Xinfeng produces black granite 'powered' black ', chifeng city linxi county unique black granite varieties - — Oriental mo yu, such as the ink color, hard and dense, and its resistance to weathering performance of any material cannot, by contrast, the rare and precious stone become frozen and even the world. La shan au, xilingol league area of Inner Mongolia in recent years we have got rich, red, yellow, solid surface, such as the red rose, golden roses, la shan huang, star, etc. , and formed a production, with mining overall quality is good, good, and the advantages of small off color, become Inner Mongolia acrylic countertops material producing, the industry concern. It is understood that each stone region of Inner Mongolia in recent years the relevant government departments have launched many preferential policy, coupled with the relatively cheap labor, investment in the development of the time and the train, bus transportation is increasingly mature, very suitable for the development of stone industry.
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