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Practical experience summary after floor tiles are laid - floor tiles, experience summary

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-18

A practical guide to tiles in renovations. Here, you can learn many tried-and-tested methods to solve the tile problems encountered in the decoration, and you can also contribute your own experience to benefit more people. My floor tiles have been laid for a few days, and today I will write a summary of the tiles: Regarding the purchase of bricks, most merchants provide brick repair and brick return services each time, pay attention to each time, and our house is only once, and then discuss it with the boss. After adding it once, it is strongly recommended that everyone negotiate with the sales when buying bricks. It is better to provide three services. If you actually lay it out, you will find that the second time is a smaller demand! So about the times of repairing bricks and returning bricks, we must discuss it well and have detailed words as a guarantee. Pay attention to remind and remind the master that when it comes to the last part, calculate the number of pieces, and you need a few pieces to soak a few pieces, because the tiles that have been soaked in water will not be returned by the merchant. If you find that the tile is damaged as soon as you open the box, then remember to contact the after-sales service of the tile immediately and ask him to check it, or take a picture and make a record. Under normal circumstances, the tile manufacturer will return it. After laying the floor tiles, don't rush to the next step, it is better to stop for 2-3 days and wait for the floor tiles to dry completely. For the final acceptance, firstly, check the phenomenon of hollowing; if the degree of hollowing is very small, it is not worth lifting up and resurfacing; secondly, check the water discharge of the floor drain. This is also very important! There is also a small reminder, that is, the gate stone. My house has a large tile of one meter. For this, you must ask the master if you can cut it yourself. If you can't cut it yourself, ask the master for the size in advance and let the manufacturer cut it, so as not to delay. Time and save shipping! The manufacturer is also very busy saying that it's not that you want to get it for you now!

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