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Put the natural and elegant atmosphere into your bathroom - bathroom, natural atmosphere

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-29

The reinforced concrete urban forest is full of busyness and hustle and bustle, and people who are running around gradually forget the true breath of nature. After a busy day, you can relax and take a bath in the private bathroom, and your physical and mental fatigue will disappear at once. The decoration style full of nature has also attracted more and more people's attention. Transparent sunlight, elegant colors, and light-weight utensils, you can also enjoy the feeling of embracing nature within a square inch.

Strategy 1 Color matching should be coordinated The sense of white expansion can make the visual effect of a small bathroom a good debugging. Small bathrooms should choose cool colors with a sense of cleanliness, and match them with the same color to make the whole space bright and tidy. Low-chroma, high-brightness colors are a good choice. But it is not advisable to use too many colors, otherwise it will appear too messy. At the same time, the color of the bathroom cabinet should be coordinated with the decoration and decoration of the entire bathroom space, and the matching is natural and reasonable. You can also choose a movable bathroom cabinet. Raiders 2 Space layout should be reasonable In the small bathroom, try to meet the basic functions and reasonable space layout, do not rigidly divide the space. The smaller the room, the less space you can use. Due to space constraints, additional functions are omitted, and basic functions are indispensable. Saving and making the most of limited space is the guiding principle of small bathroom design. The layout of the facilities in the bathroom should be compact, and the toilets, washbasins, bathtubs and small-sized water should be selected as much as possible. But pay attention to whether there is enough distance between the functional appliances, so as not to increase the feeling of cramping. Raiders 3 bathroom furniture is exquisite The choice of bathroom furniture can greatly affect the overall space utilization efficiency of the bathroom. Reasonable design and proper placement of furniture can not only store more bathroom supplies, but also save space to the greatest extent, and hide messy pipelines, etc., which is both practical and has a good visual effect. In the selection of specific bathroom furniture, it is necessary to consider the furniture that can make full use of the corner space and those that can be used for multiple purposes and have sufficient storage space. The popular in-wall and duct-avoiding overhead showers on the market are also good choices. Raiders 4 Decoration materials are the foundation In a small space, mirrors and glass are often preferred by designers due to their stretched visual effects on the space. In the selection of bathroom decoration materials, special attention should be paid to waterproof and moisture-proof. The ground should be waterproof and non-slip. For the floor decoration material of the bathroom, it is better to use non-slip floor tiles with raised patterns. This kind of floor tiles not only have good waterproof performance, but also will not be too slippery even when wet. The top should pay attention to prevent water vapor, so it is better to use PVC gussets with better waterproof performance. In the circuit arrangement, be extra careful when installing lights and wires. Lamps and switches are better to use with safety protection functions. Connectors and pins must also not be exposed. Raiders 5 The finishing touch of bathroom Some bathrooms are often lack of lighting because they are in the inner room of the room. In order to make up for this shortcoming, bathrooms can generally choose waterproof fluorescent wall lamps or explosion-proof incandescent chandeliers. Enhance bathroom lighting to compensate for lack of natural lighting. The simple decoration of the popular small-size parquet mosaics makes people feel bright and enhances the fashion sense of the bathroom. Choose some shade-tolerant, humidity-loving green potted plants in the bathroom to place them in the bathroom, which can make the bathroom of a small family more lively and less cool.

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