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real madrid’s plane: inside the champions league winners’ luxury £340m emirates airbus a380 with beds, showers, personal sinks and tablets with 2,500 tv channels

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-07-08
With the Champions League going on, the world\'s top clubs will speed up their flight miles while traveling in Europe.
If you are one of the star players in Real Madrid, you will be lucky to take a luxury Emirates A380 jet worth 340 m.
Yes, Gareth Bell, Marcelo, Sergio Ramos and Co.
Thanks to the large sponsorship deal between Los Angeles Blanco and Fly Emirates, you can travel in fashion.
Santiago Solari was not only about £ 62 a year in that deal, they were also seen as kings on the road daysDecker plane
First of all, in the plane, each player can use his own private shower
So these stars don\'t need a public shower.
Then they can choose to rest completely if they want
The bar area is fully functional and has plenty of room for a dozen cats.
If this is not enough for these pampered athletes, the Galaxy also has its own bed to sleep on, and there are some other cool perks.
There is a personalized tablet that gives you access to 2,500 channels, an alcoholic drink
Free mini bar with a small wash cabinet.
Does that mean they are the cleanest club in the world? Who knows?
But what do you expect from the best team in the world right now?
Of course they will have their own custom planes.
When they landed at any airport, they arrived almost inconspicuous and the paint on the plane was decorated with the faces of the players.
Fly Emirates has sponsored Real since the sponsorship agreement was signed in 2013.
In three Champions League games, their brand was labeled with a famous white jersey.
They had similar deals with Arsenal and Paris Saint Germain, and they used their Airbus a380.
The plane itself is a four.
Engine jets have become major products since their first flight in 2005.
It seats 525 passengers, with a design range of 8,500 nautical miles and a cruising speed of about 559 miles per hour.
In short, they have no excuse for being late.
Though, they definitely can\'t blame fatigue if/when they suffer the next failure.
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