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Reasonable and correct storage to ensure the beauty and health of the bathroom-reasonable and correct storage to ensure the bathroom, beauty and health

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-18

No matter whether your bathroom space is large or small, luxurious or simple, correct and in-place storage can not only increase the beauty of the bathroom space, but more importantly, it is also an important factor to ensure the cleanliness of the bathroom space and the health of users one. ●Make full use of the space under the washbasin. You can design a locker in it to put towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and all kinds of bath and shampoo products, and can also be used to store toilet paper and sanitary napkins. Arranging such a storage method can ensure the necessary dry and wet separation in the bathroom space. ●The back of the mirror is designed as a compact storage space for washing and skin care products. In this way, the countertop of the entire washbasin will become clean, and when you want to use it, you can easily get what you need by opening the mirror. ●A built-in small shelf can be installed at the corner of the shower room or the bathroom, which not only makes full use of the space at the same time, but also makes it unnecessary to run out of the bathroom in the shower and go outside to take the forgotten bath. Utensils. Prepare some storage and separation boxes similar to rattan baskets, plastic boxes, etc. to distinguish and centrally place different bathroom products, so as to facilitate the picking, placing and cleaning of different bathroom products. In addition, the humid environment in the bathroom is generally not suitable for storing mini appliances such as hair dryers, electric shavers, and hair sticks. If you really want to place them within reach, use a storage box to store them separately Better isolation of moisture. In addition, these storage boxes should also be taken outside to dry every once in a while to remove moisture. Use the hooks or rails behind the door to hang and store your towels, bath towels, etc., and make full use of the space. But remember that behind the door is a ventilated dead corner. Bath towels and bathrobes hanging here should be rinsed with clean water frequently, so that the ultraviolet rays in the sun can completely disinfect them. Note: It is better to have a sliding door or a shower curtain between the toilet and the bathroom. Most of the bathroom supplies and towels, bath towels and other fabrics should be stored away from the water vapor in the bathroom when they are stored, and they should be regularly dried on the balcony to dry. Prevent hygroscopic mildew.

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