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reception desks to make mysuru police stations more people friendly | mysuru news - times of india

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-14
MYSURU: in order to treat the tourists who come to the police station with courtesy and discipline, a comprehensive reception desk will be provided for all police stations in the city.
The reception staff, who happen to be also police officers, received special training on how to deal with visitors and will report directly to the Commission\'s office.
After an opening speech
Police chief. s. dr. Subrahmanyeswara Rao said that a one-day seminar was held for the receptionist of VV Puram traffic police station, with allegations that even after 70 years of independence, the police still followed the 1861 Police Act enacted by the UK, those who visited the police station were not properly treated.
So we decided to set up the integrated reception, which is the first point of contact for visitors.
We launched an innovative reception that was attractive to all.
We have discussed its color combination, how to maintain the record and how to retrieve the record when needed.
We also had reception earlier, but the problem was that the receptionist belonged to the same police station and they were under the control of the police station or the inspector.
But now we are eliminating the system.
Three or four police officers from each police station in the city have been selected for training.
They will be shuffled and posted to different police stations, Rao added.
The receptionist will guide visitors to whom they are approaching and what they should do, he added.
Rao called on police personnel to receive serious training and to treat visitors as family members.
Madhu Kiran, who has extensive experience in teaching soft skills training in many foreign countries, said that visitors to the police station may leave scars if they see police officers in uniform.
Become more people
People at the front desk should not wear uniforms but formal attire. âx80x9d DCP (Traffic)
Vikram Amte said that there are 24 police stations in the whole city, starting with 8 police stations, will get all-
Mature reception.
Gradually, facilities will be available at all stations.
VV Puram traffic police station inspector Ravi said about 20 to 30 tourists visit the police station every day.
The reception desk of VV Puram traffic police station was also opened on Thursday.
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