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Remodel old bathrooms, new bathrooms to help - old bathrooms, new bathrooms

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-27

Summer is here, bathroom fire! The reporter recently saw in the major home furnishing stores in Xi'an that there are many more consumers who consult and purchase sanitary ware than usual. Among them, in addition to the first decoration, there are many people who are doing the second transformation to improve the bathroom space. So how do you give an old bathroom a new look? What new products are available in the market? So as to achieve both convenience and practicality. Then come with reporters to see it! Floor-to-ceiling sliding doors: separate dry and wet spaces The bathroom area of u200bu200bmany old houses or small apartments is too small, how to separate dry and wet spaces? If conditions permit, the wash area can be placed in the living room or the entrance. When adopting this design scheme, it is necessary to pay attention to the unity of the design style of the washing area and the living room or the entrance, and the color tone should also conform to the overall decoration color, said the person in charge of Fengguang Infinite Decoration. If the bathroom space is small and long and narrow, a sliding door can be used to separate the dry and wet space. A better choice is the in-line floor-to-ceiling sliding door, which saves more space. In addition, the price of this kind of door is relatively cheap, and the installation is also very convenient and flexible. Semi-suspended folding door: Shower and bath are both correct If there is ample shower space, you can directly place a bathtub in this space, and install a half-suspended in-line sliding door or a folding sliding door on the bathtub. The person in charge of Jiuchao Decoration said that directly installing the semi-suspended design on the bathtub can save the cost, and the thermal performance is also better. In addition, compared with the in-line sliding door, the folding sliding door is relatively expensive, but has better thermal insulation. Special-shaped bathroom: make full use of corners For bathrooms with small space, it is also very important to make full use of corners and other spaces to improve the utilization rate. There are many special-shaped bathroom products on the market, such as L-shaped, polygonal and arc-shaped steam shower rooms and bathtubs. The relevant person in charge of Hengjie Sanitary Ware introduced that the opening of the L-shaped sliding door can be divided into two types: right-angle and single-sided entry. Choosing right-angle entry can make more effective use of the bathroom area and expand the utilization rate; while the arc-shaped bathtub is more beautiful, It can also make full use of the corner areas that are not easy to handle in general bathroom design. Mirror cabinet: reasonable use of storage It is essential to reserve a cabinet in the bathroom that can store all kinds of toiletries, which can not only ensure the cleanliness of the bathroom, but also facilitate bathing and washing. The mirror cabinets are well-separated, and you can place makeup products related to washing and even extending. In addition, in addition to the dry and wet separation area, a hidden waterproof socket is also designed in the mirror cabinet for the use of small bathroom appliances. Water socket, for use with small bathroom appliances. Wall-mounted bathroom: find space in the depression A salesperson said that when improving small-sized bathrooms, it is recommended to use the depression storage method. For example, hollow out one wall of the bathroom and treat it as a shelving table to place sundries. You can also consider using wall-mounted bathroom products, such as wall-mounted basins, toilets, etc., which can save about 10 cm of space compared to ordinary bathroom products, making the narrow bathroom more spacious, said the person in charge of Fengguang Infinite Decoration.

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