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repairing chips in a granite countertop

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-06-18
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Granite countertops add value and visual appeal to the home.
The granite provides a solid, durable and luxurious surface in the kitchen and bathroom.
Granite is resistant to heat, strong and durable, but not easily damaged.
Because Granite is a natural stone, it is rarely perfect.
The supplier has custom cut countertops for the kitchen or bathroom.
After a lot of research, shopping and comparison, most homeowners are very happy with their choices.
After careful inspection, many people noticed that there were some small pieces on the KKR countertop, or a decent size chip, which made many people wonder how they chip precious granite.
Racking their brains and trying to remember if they dropped heavy things on the granite, or if the kids did something that damaged the surface, so many ideas were trying to figure out what was going to happen.
Take a good rest, you don\'t do anything, and your children don\'t.
A chip is usually not a chip at all, but a pit.
Granite is a natural stone with small holes, flaws and flaws on its surface.
It is filled during polishing.
Over time, by using the filler, which is usually used to help create a glossy film on the granite surface, it is separated from the defect and becomes apparent.
Trapped dust, food, or soap residues highlight the missing debris and make the pit stand out.
Small imperfections reduce the beauty of the countertop and make many homeowners unhappy with their investment.
Debris and pits can be repaired and granite countertops restored to a beautiful and attractive surface with no flaws, debris and pits.
It is not too difficult to fix the granite surface, which is a perfect project for a homeowner who does it himself.
Depending on the depth of the granite surface and the color of the countertop, there are two repair methods to fill the debris.
Its diameter has little to do with depth and color.
If the color displayed at the bottom of it is not the color around the defective area, please fix the surface using colored resin.
If the chip or pit is small, or the color at the bottom is the same as the color around it, use a transparent epoxy filler.
The transparent epoxy filler inserts a straw into a nozzle of compressed air.
Point the straw to a chip, press it down to the top of the jar, blow the air and force loose food, dirt and dust out of the Depression.
Scrape the soap residue and food debris inside with a wooden toothpick.
Wet the rag with clear water and wipe the flaws and surrounding areas.
Dry the KKR countertop with a soft cloth.
Place some low sticky blue painter\'s masking tape around it to keep it as close to the edge of the defect as possible without covering any part of it.
Immerse the end of the cotton swab in a transgender alcohol.
Rub the cotton swab on the cotton swab and expose the granite area around the cotton swab to remove the oil, grease and clean residue from the defect.
Insert the tip of the adhesive syringe into the top of the transparent epoxy-filled gel hose.
Pull up the piston on the syringe and suck the epoxy into the syringe.
Insert the tip of the adhesive syringe into it, or if the chip is too small to hold the tip of the syringe, place it on the top of the chip.
Slowly and gently press the piston of the syringe and place a drop of transparent gel into the chip.
If the epoxy does not fully fill the chip, squeeze another drop.
Squeeze the epoxy filler from the syringe, one drop until the chip is filled even with a direct surface area.
Place the flexible plastic putty knife on the countertop at a low angle and drag it throughout the repair process to remove any excess filler.
Immerse the cotton swab in a modified alcohol, wipe the surface around the repair chip, and remove the excess transparent epoxy filler from the granite surface.
Peel the painter\'s tape off the granite.
The transparent epoxy filler is allowed to solidify and Harden for two to three hours.
Color resin filling blows dust, dirt and other debris out of the chip with a can of compressed air.
Scrape the chip with a wooden toothpick to remove dirt stuck to food particles and dirt.
Wet the rag and clean the area.
Dry the countertop immediately with a soft cloth.
Immerse the cotton swab in a transgender alcohol and clean the inside edge and bottom of the chip.
Wipe the granite surface around the chip with a cotton swab.
Place the masking tape of the low sticky blue painter around the chip, as close as possible to the defect without covering any part.
The hardware store and the home improvement store sell two parts of the color epoxy resin kit.
Match the kit to the color of the countertop as much as possible.
Pour the same amount of colored resin and hardening agent into the old plastic cover or disposable plastic bowl or board.
Mix the two ingredients together with a small flat plastic knife that comes with a flat toothpick or kit.
Scoop the colored resin onto a flat plastic knife or wood toothpick and carefully push the resin into the bottom of the chip.
Continue adding resin to the chip and press down until the repair filler is filled on the chip.
Wet the corners of a lint-free cotton rag with transgender alcohol.
Gently rub the wet angle on the surface of the resin to smooth the repair and make it smooth.
Peel off the painter\'s tape.
Allow color resin to solidify and Harden for three to four hours before using granite countertops.
It is difficult to notice the TipsClear epoxy filler after patching, because the epoxy allows the color display of the granite.
Many times, it is difficult to match the color of the resin filler with the color of the granite.
Immediately clean the water drops and fill spills on the granite countertops.
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