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Return to tell you about how to choose marble stone, white and Shi Lifang

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-09
Global demand as big stone, for more and more people choose stone as decorative material, slow development of stone, why? Global demand as big stone, for more and more people choose stone as decorative material, slow development of stone, why? For consumers to buy stone need to know about it, but many people are sciolistic, just know stone high-end grade atmosphere, buy stone is listening to stone sales traders say the wind is the wind is the rain, the rain did not mind of your own, being afraid of making mistakes the opportunity for comedy and reason of stone businessmen are up, finally you choose may not be what you need, but it is stone businessmen biggest profit. Stone products have natural 'non-standard' attribute, the same stone cutting plate is inconsistent, vary widely between different stone material, not only with the category of the stone and even with the stone material of mine mouth are likely to have a huge difference. Stone industry experience threshold is too high, therefore, is the so-called dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance, adb is unclear for stone industry, the water to see month, difficult to understand. Even some natural artificial stone be sold natural solid surface sheets for sale, artificial stone, after all, price is the bottom of the natural stone material too much, many businesses in order to make more money, to cleaning up, deceive consumer. Stone 'non-standard' is one of its charm, which is the core of the building materials, no standard is natural solid surface sheets for sale, stone unique texture and irregular style is the charm of natural stone material, but also to the stone out of their own circle, better in the whole circle, circle and even across the building materials into financial circles has brought a lot of obstacles. Many people is not the solution of stone material is often just hearsay, sell stone said what is what, what effect will not to consider late. The stone material of the future development will be found in the 'non-standard' find can identify, quantify the 'standard', to strengthen cross-border communication, further realize development. For 13 years, focus on the white stone, Bai Dali mining processing one-stop, equipped with professional designers and professional stone assistants to service for you.
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