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Return to tell you about the secret of the stone pavement

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-09
Stone shop is generally USES marble or granite, already beautiful and durable! Stone shop is generally USES marble or granite, already beautiful and durable! Are many people like to decorate material, but perfect shop is complete but it's not so simple, let's take a look at what about stone pavement to note! Before the construction of pavement again optimization, completes the precise layout design. Also to six stone material surface protective treatment. When cutting of stone material number, before the shop is the ground before paving. Stone cutting knife, if use water should reduce the individual size error, ensure the stone gap of seam straight seam width uniform appearance. Tick off seam must be contented and full, clear, straight and level off, smooth, consistent depth, use the special jointing agent of stone material, the seam color almost the same with the color of stone material. Seam when the shop maintain seam width, stitch seam allowed error of 2 mm / 5 mm wide wide design with requirement according to the design requirements, no design requirements when the width of the seam is generally for 5 ~ 8 mm, but should not be more than 1. MM。 Set panel shop is around the corner to stay haitang Angle, the thickness of the adjacent. When using flat haitang Angle, stone material Angle of each side should be 5 mm or less. When using natural surface haitang Angle, Angle of stone material on both sides should be 10 mm or less. Stair footfall side pressure step and staircase wall body seam pressure on the ground to be dense, crack width is consistent, flat. In pavement drainage ditch cover plate, in order to avoid water pollution, swimming pool overflow drain cement mortar leveling calender or stick a face processing should be adopted. Pavement is completed with a striped cloth covers, laying splint on it and avoid damage to the finished product; And to protect, placed them; Later maintenance also should pay attention to can't use strong acid or alkali cleaning, need to clean with neutral detergent mild, to ensure the persistence of the floor. , professional marble mining, processing and deep, the company's products in addition to all kinds of natural solid surface sheets for sale board, engineering and natural marble finished board, waste materials, works of art, etc.
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