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Road frost crack situation of plaque processing method

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-23
Processing method of crack is plaque road frozen line phenomenon, plaque is when road tartar pores after absorbing enough water, if the temperature dropped below freezing point, rodents, the gap in the water will freeze plaque volume expansion 1/11. When ice expansion of plaque is greater than the road, the road there will be a plaque crack. To prevent the occurrence of frozen road tartar produced grain situation, before in the cold season, plan ahead, when frozen, resist water generated ice expansion crack, below is the road frost crack situation of plaque processing methods: one, the reason of road cracks appear plaque. The temperature change, the nature material will appear heat bilges cold shrink, the physical properties of water is different. The highest density of water at 4 ℃, water molecules independent and free flow. When from 4 ℃ down to 0 ℃ ( Freezing point) , they are ice, ice molecules in stereoscopic 3 d shape, the sequence patterns, like this layout is easy to leave more 'air gap', the density is reduced. The experiment proved that water freezes, the volume increased 0. 11 times. Is frozen, the water into the road hole stitch encounter cold ice, plaque volume, micro hole in the plaque expansion to road, road tartar would suck to more water into the pores, fine cracks were swelling, repeated circulation, make the way of the plaque expansion crack. Second, the road frost crack plaque how to avoid. Cause the road frost crack plaque is a major cause of water, stop the water into road teeth in crevices, can avoid the occurrence of road frost crack plaque. Road maintenance agent protection plaque. Appearance do protective way can effectively avoid the occurrence of frost crack plaque. Above the causes of cracks in the road is frozen plaque and processing method, know the character of road plaque, plaque can be road crack prevention, prevent road affected plaque two-string fiddle, let youth road engineering construction.
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