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Teach you how to choose and buy a full set of bathroom products-how to buy, bathroom products

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-27

People feel that the change of bathroom products from the old-fashioned squat toilet to the jet-siphon water-saving toilet always feels that it is a change in price and style. Therefore, some consumers regard style, appearance and price as the main elements for choosing sanitary ware, which undoubtedly ignores the use function of sanitary ware. In this regard, as consumers, we should focus on understanding the characteristics of high-grade sanitary ware, namely: complete sewage discharge, large washing area, low noise, water saving, good surface, and low water absorption. Therefore, it is recommended that when choosing to buy sanitary ware, the functional characteristics of the product should be placed in an important position, rather than some small problems such as those invisible small spots that do not affect normal use. Careful selection of brands Because different brands represent different styles and grades, it will directly affect the cost of decoration and the resulting psychological feelings, so it is very important to carefully choose the brand before purchasing bathroom products. Sanitary ware purchase requires matching In actual purchase, attention should be paid to the matching and professionalism of the product purchase, so as to avoid the waste of time and resources due to missing or secondary purchases. In this regard, purchases should be made in the following order and related knowledge. Toilets: When buying a toilet, in addition to the shape of the product itself, the first thing to pay attention to is the wall distance of the toilet (the wall distance of the toilet refers to the distance between the center of the pipe outlet and the back wall). Standard wall distances are generally divided into two types: 305mm and 400mm. In addition, pay attention to the flushing method and water consumption when purchasing a toilet. There are two common flushing methods for toilets: flush and siphon. Generally speaking, flush toilets are more noisy and smelly. The siphon toilet is a silent toilet, with a high water seal, which is not easy to smell. In terms of water consumption in toilets, the state stipulates that 6 liters of split toilets and 9 liters of conjoined toilets are water-saving toilets, and some manufacturers with strong technical development capabilities, such as Jisido, etc., vigorously develop 3/6 liters of toilets Separate-flushing toilets save 67% of water compared to general toilets while ensuring the flushing effect. Considering environmental protection and cost savings, it is a better choice. Bathtubs: Bathtubs generally include skirted bathtubs and skirtless bathtubs. When shopping for a skirtless tub, pay attention to the specific specifications of the product. When buying a bathtub with skirts, you should pay attention to the direction of the left and right skirts of the bathtub, that is, the position of the water outlet on the floor of the bathtub. Among them, when facing the wall where the bathtub is installed, if the water outlet of the bathtub floor is on the left side of the person, the bathtub with skirt that needs to be purchased is the left skirt, otherwise, it is the right skirt. According to its production materials, bathtubs are divided into ordinary steel bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, and 3.5mm thick steel bathtubs. Generally speaking, ordinary steel bathtubs are easy to clean and have a simpler shape; acrylic bathtubs have richer shapes, but have a shorter lifespan and are not easy to clean after aging; cast iron bathtubs have a long service life, high grades, high prices, and more troublesome handling and installation. Nowadays, the 3.5mm thick steel bathtub made in Germany is more popular in the world, because the surface of this bathtub is well glazed and not dirty, the steel plate has a long service life, and it is easy to install. It has the advantages of both steel bathtub and cast iron bathtub. The general price Around 2000 yuan. The accessories of the bathtub are the same as the accessories of the toilet and the washbasin. Different bathtubs require different types of accessories, and their functions and significance cannot be ignored.

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