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Teach you the secret of designing a large and comfortable bathroom in a small space-Bathroom space, spacious and comfortable

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-16

Who doesn't want to have a large and comfortable bathroom space? But in fact many owners have to endure cramped and cramped bathrooms. In fact, for a small bathroom space, it only takes 4 steps to double the area, and a small space can also have a large design room.

Step forward: unified color tone Although colorful colors are beautiful, they will undoubtedly make a small space more crowded, and light colors such as white, light blue, and bright yellow have the effect of expanding the field of vision. Therefore, you may wish to change the color of the bathroom to a uniform light color system, which can effectively expand the area visually. If you feel that it is too monotonous, you can work on the waistline of the wall, and a patterned waistline with smooth lines is a good choice. Step 2: Place on demand Most of the three traditional bathroom pieces are arranged next to the main wall, but for small spaces, it may be more crowded or even placed. For a small bathroom, it doesn't have to be so standard. The toilet does not have to be in the middle of the wall, it can be used normally at the corner of the two walls. Likewise, bathtubs can be long, square or even round depending on the size of the space. Step 3: Enlarge the space with mirrors. Use large-area glass mirrors to transform the bathroom. Two large mirrors can be placed, one side is against the wall, and the other side is placed on the sloping roof, which not only covers the sewer pipes of the upstairs residents, but also enriches the narrow space. Change and hierarchy. The reflection of a large area of u200bu200bglass is enough to produce an enlarged visual effect in the bathroom. Step 4: Lighting and ventilation are very important Small-area bathrooms should not be dark, which will make the originally small space look narrower. As a result, the lighting in the bathroom is particularly important. Using frosted glass as a partition wall can make the light flow freely and increase the transparency of the space, which is also a good way to expand the visual effect.

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