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Teach you to beware of fake and shoddy bathroom

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-07

Nowadays, fake home improvement building materials are flying all over the sky, which makes customers hard to guard against. How to choose good products is particularly important. The editor of Lexing will teach you four ways to guard against counterfeit and shoddy bathroom products. Beware of the misappropriation of trademarks of fake and shoddy sanitary ware to make fakes look real. Fakes are flying all over the sky. This phenomenon of confusing grades to shoddy is often encountered when purchasing wall tiles, floor tiles, stone materials, paints, boards and other materials. Ordinary consumers are not very knowledgeable, and they often pay the price of high-quality products, but they buy second-class products, third-class products, or even defective products. Beware of fake and shoddy sanitary ware. Unscrupulous companies imitate brands or best-selling products, use test reports and product manuals, use their own trademarks, and vigorously promote products that have not passed the test. It has long been an open secret in the sanitary ware industry. . Beware of ignoring the standards of counterfeit and shoddy sanitary ware Some unscrupulous manufacturers take advantage of consumers' knowledge of building materials and ignore relevant national standards for production, which will naturally damage the interests of consumers. For example, the thickness of the cylinder body and the plate of a certain type of ceramic product has clear regulations. The thickness of the product produced by the manufacturer is insufficient, but it can still be sold openly in the market. After consumers buy it home, it is inevitable that there will be problems in use. Sharp-eyed beware of counterfeit and shoddy bathrooms for profiteering

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