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Tell you the best installation location of air energy water heater-air energy, water heater, installation location

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-22

Is the closed balcony a better installation location for air energy water heaters? Front: It can be used as an air conditioner, especially for owners who have the habit of taking a lunch break. Usually, there is a sliding door between the closed balcony and the master bedroom. In summer, the owner opens the sliding door and turns on the air-energy water heater. When the water heater boils water, it will absorb a lot of heat, and the temperature of the room will drop rapidly. Air can be free air conditioning! Second: the temperature rises quickly in winter, and the heating speed is more than 20% faster than that of the outdoor location. In winter, the temperature in the closed balcony is often 5~8°C higher than that outside, so the water heating speed is more than 20% faster than that outside, which saves electricity, money and time. Third: good thermal insulation effect. Because it is placed in a relatively closed environment, there is no wind and rain, and the hot water insulation effect of the water tank is very good, and the heat loss can be reduced by about 30%. Fourth: Simple and convenient installation and maintenance. The balcony can be moved around freely, installation and maintenance are easy, very convenient and without danger. In addition, some customers may be worried that boiling water in winter will affect the indoor temperature. This is not to worry, because Royalstar can use the economical mode to install water-free air-energy water heaters. Regular heating will not affect the indoor temperature. Therefore, the closed balcony is a better installation location for the air energy water heater.

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