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The ancient history of white marble collection value

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-21
Pure white solid surface sheets, white marble is a new form of limestone is, embedded flash crystal. Because since ancient China, is made of the stone steps in the palace, and guard rail, the so-called 'jade bar' zhu, luxuriant jade, so called white marble. In front of tiananmen huabiao, jinshui bridge, the palace palace base, stone steps, the fence is made of white marble. White marble production accounts for about 30% of all marble production. Emperor qianlong was our country ancient love jade emperor. Again no emperors in history, like the qianlong emperor, to the understanding and research of jade invest so much energy. He loves jade, jade, and even going on in production of jade. During his reign period of most is to collect gu yu qing, it is said that emperor qianlong jade syncretizing poems have 800 more than the first. He has 17 son, in addition to the regression of unnamed child early 16, all the rest of the name are associated with jade, hope this way let jade emperor of well-being and its offspring. The obsession with the jade emperor qianlong, prompting 'qianlong jade' become the pronoun of 18th century Chinese jade, qianlong jade has become in the process of the development of Chinese ancient jades the most dazzling pearl. White marble stone hard, white stone in the radiant with light watermarking, commonly known as sweat line, so the name of white solid surface sheets. Many of China's ancient royal architecture, art sculpture using rare top acrylic countertops, the imperial palace, the temple of heaven, classical architecture using materials such as the tiananmen jinshui bridge. Commonly used in the monument to the people's heroes, great hall of the people, chairman MAO memorial hall and the national master carved works of art. White marble acrylic countertops after one thousand years, enduring, see its charm, value high. Cut in the qing dynasty jade craft level is set in technology, presented a last made of jade in ancient China, the most representative of its artistic achievement is the 'qianlong jade'. The qianlong period of the jade with its superb technology won the applause of the world first-class on carving techniques. The qianlong period of the jade with its superb technology won the applause of the world first-class on carving techniques. 'Qianlong jade' in each big pat on field at high prices, has its special historical environment factors. The stability of the political bureau of the qianlong period, national strength and prosperity, an unprecedented wealth accumulation for luxury provides sufficient conditions, exquisite works of art by the royal family's hands. Because of the qianlong period of the jade culture, make this period make fine jade, the point of technology reached perfection. The current 'qianlong jade jade market is a big, jade auction record are mostly created by' qianlong jade '. Compared with other age jade, jade 'day price' the qianlong period, visible for collector has an irreplaceable position.
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