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The application of nano technology in stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-07
Material water spot not stem, hua, spit yellow, rusty spot disease, etc. How to control the variation of wall mounted bar countertop material, has become an architect, construction company and owner tripartite priority of one of the problems. The development of the nanotechnology involves many aspects of our everyday life, stone protection is just one of these applications. Here, we for nanotechnology in stone material surface protection do a simple analysis: 1, using nanotechnology wall mounted bar countertop material surface protective agent has good waterproof and antifouling effect: stone material surface after treatment, protective agent to infiltrate stone microporous forming inside the protective layer of strong, durable, high polymer skeleton groups combined with stone solid, and polymer skeleton on the side chain groups formed in the outer layer is hydrophobic, thin oil reservoir. Add protective agent of nanomaterials in stone material surface to form a protective layer, when the liquid in contact with the stone material surface, due to the smaller surface tension, stone material will not be a liquid wetting, avoid the liquid by capillary infiltration stone inside, so as to solve the problem of the stone material of various pathological changes. 2, adopt nanotechnology stone material surface protective agent has excellent weather resistance: adopt nanotechnology stone material surface protective agent has a base material for the performance of organic polymer materials, has the remarkable characteristics of molecular structure stability, excellent weatherability, hydrolysis resistance, good resistance to chemical media, solvent resistance performance is good, stone protective agent which has excellent weather resistance, can protect the stone for a long time. 3, using nanometer technology of stone material surface protective agent with strong permeability: nanoparticles extremely small, low viscosity, good fluidity, have extremely strong permeability, can penetrate the stone internal microscopic gaps in 1 ~ 2 cm deep. Can maintain the stability of protective properties in a long time. 4, using nanometer technology of stone material surface protective agent with strong wear resistance, nanoparticles of extremely small, can penetrate into the stone, and wall mounted bar countertop form a whole, not just in stone material surface film formation, therefore has the very good wear resistance, even after the stone grind 1 cm can also play a protective role. 5, adopt nanotechnology stone material surface protective agent has transparency: nano materials in stone material surface film, covering the whole stone material surface, due to the presence of nanoparticles, fill the stone defects caused by the pore, and the layer surface film does not affect the normal breathing of stone matrix, and the film itself is a colorless, transparent, can guarantee the stone of splendor and moist, won't cause any influence to the appearance of the stone.
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