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The bathroom design is knowledgeable to choose the bathroom that suits you-bathroom design is knowledgeable to choose the bathroom that suits you

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-15

The bathroom is a place that is easy to accumulate stolen goods and is difficult to clean. When redesigning, you should avoid complex layout and design. In addition to the required toilet, the choice of bath should be determined according to the nature and size of the bathroom . The large-area bathroom of the master bedroom can choose a bathtub Since the bathroom of the master bedroom is used by the master, it is very private and generally not used by outsiders, so the design of the bathroom can be more comfortable. Because it is only used by the owner, the bathtub in the bathroom can be said to be private, and there will be no problems such as infectious diseases like the shared bath tub. The second bathroom is more suitable for external use, because the second bathroom is not only used by the family, but also used by the guests who come to live occasionally. If you use the bathtub for taking a bath, it may appear unsanitary, and the guests are not at ease when using it. It will also be troublesome to get up, so it is more reasonable to use a rain shower. The bathroom is too small and the shower can save space. Generally speaking, the ideal bathroom should be 5 to 8 square meters, and it is better to partition the bathroom or separate the bathroom. If the space is not enough, then choosing a shower is inevitable, in addition to saving space and space, it is also convenient for cleaning. The design of the hotel-style shower is actually for the convenience of cleaning, and at the same time, the functional partition of the bathroom can be done in a limited space. The large-area bathroom design can be used as a rest area. In some villas, there is a buffer between the bathroom and the bedroom. In this area, in addition to being used as a rest area, it can also prevent the moisture from the bathroom from being brought into the bedroom. . Of course, some large-sized families will design some storage space in this place, so that when you take a bath, you don't have to run around to prepare for a change of clothes. Summary: The design of the bathroom is mainly based on the space and the user group. Of course, it must be matched with the decoration style of the whole room. If there is little time to clean, it is recommended to use the shower room more, which is convenient and labor-saving to clean.

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