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The choose and buy cheap quartz, carefully at a low price 'trap'

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-09-13
As conforming to the state of green environmental protection material, quartz, whether their own aesthetic or simple sense is quite an advantage, and other stone beyond compare. Most importantly quartz is not seen, but the life of the quartz is very long, it is not easy to fade and deformation, don't be too much to worry about, in terms of daily maintenance is not often maintenance after used for many years already, its color is bright. The key is quartz plate can be repeatedly used, two fresh after polishing. Quartz repair although the need to control in the process of repair cost need to bear in mind that the market rules of the game is a price a points goods, this is timeless. Now there are many vendors on the market price has very big disparity, some quartz countertops to quote two hundred linear meter, and some of the high price will be up to several thousand yuan. Behind this disparity, we want to see real realize the nature of general factory price is comprised in the five centuries yuan each ( 2440×750×15毫米) Monochrome, if below this price, we have to pay attention to, are likely to own an ambush. And imported quartz within two thousand yuan. In recent years as the domestic manufacturer of quartz technology matures, in fact, the quality of domestic and imported is same. Even the domestic technology is beyond the foreign technology. As far as possible choose when buy domestic famous brand! The real natural quartz quartz is used to build, its processing technology with artificial trace, but in order to make it more beautiful and perfect. The quartz, the price is relatively high, but it is not like a natural stone can emit radiation, on the contrary it is resistant to high temperature, non-toxic, no radiation, a kind of environmental protection of high-grade wall mounted bar countertop, beneficial to the health of human body is of great benefit to no harm. But when the choose and buy in the market, pay attention to some fake quartz, is also what the merchants call quartz, but this is a problem in production. General selection is disadvantage of quartz sand. Contains metal wall mounted bar countertop, quartz is the same as the texture and natural look, but there is a lot of harm to human body.
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