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The cleaning of summer bathroom products can not be ignored-Summer bathroom products, cleaning, can not be ignored

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-04-30

When summer comes, the bathroom space is used more frequently than other seasons. Urban owners spend a lot of money to buy high-quality showers and bathtubs, but they often do not know how to ensure the quality of life. service life. Removing makeup from the shower every week The shower is often stained with a variety of shower gels, shampoos, detergents, etc., which can make the chrome-plated surface dull. Take a neutral cleanser and spray it on a soft cotton cloth, then gently wipe with water, once a week, to remove makeup without lack of water. However, do not torment the water with acidic or abrasive cleaners, wire brushes. Scale cleaning is an unavoidable task in maintaining the shower head. According to the different functions of the shower head, it can be hand-washed, that is, remove the grille or other parts that absorb scale on the shower head, clean it with a brush, and then put it back in its original place. Some brands of showerheads are sold with a special showerhead opening tool for ease of use. Some shower outlet holes are designed with rubber granules. The rubber material is soft and comfortable to the touch, and it is not easy to scale. It is easy to clean. Just rub the rubber granules with your fingers, and the scale can be easily crushed and ejected. Even if some showers have an automatic cleaning function, it is better to open the shower head after a long time of use for a complete manual cleaning. Bathtub maintenance can be done with baking soda. Generally, it is better to use a neutral detergent or soap and water to clean the bathtub. Avoid using detergents used for tile or enamel surfaces. It is better to wash it once a week to ensure that the bathtub is kept clean after each use. dry. The bathtub can be cleaned with a mild liquid detergent and with a soft cloth or sponge. Aggressive cleaners will cause damage if they stay on the acrylic surface. Thoroughly clean the acrylic surface after each use. Do not let the cleaning agent enter the circulation system; detergents or concentrates or other similar cleaning products. Do not leave metal objects in the bathtub, they will rust the bathtub and stain the surface. Also, using baking soda to get rid of grime works well. If you use hot spring water for bathing, there are a few things to pay attention to. It is better to buy disinfectant water, Dettol, etc. at the pharmacy, and drop it in the bathtub to disinfect the water. You can also buy a water softener yourself, so that the hot spring water flows through the water softener into the bathtub to remove minerals and impurities in the water. Regular waxing is recommended. After a long time, the dirt will lose its luster. When cleaning, avoid using cleaners and wipes that damage the polished metal surface. It is better to use the special cleaning agent provided by various brand companies, and immediately rinse the residual cleaning agent with clean water, and then use a soft damp cloth to remove the residual water droplets on the surface. As for wiping tools, most green fiber cushions or sponges contain mineral particles, which will scratch the surface when used, please note that the acrylic resin in them should be qualified. Hard water marks on the surface can be gently wiped off with a 50/50 white vinegar and water solution. Regular waxing is recommended, choose car wax or furniture wax. Do not wash with hot water for bathroom basins When cleaning, the appearance of bathroom porcelain basins should be cleaned with soft bristles or sponges dipped in neutral detergents, but do not directly pour hot water for washing, so as to avoid the basins from cracking. Once the surface of the basin becomes rough with small scratches, it is easy to deposit dirt. In addition, the water storage elbow under the basin can be disassembled for maintenance at ordinary times, and the accumulated stains can be taken out to keep the drainage unobstructed. If it is a built-in washbasin, when cleaning, pay special attention to the dead part of the joint between the countertop and the washbasin.

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