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The comparison of white marble and Beijing white jade

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-16
There are many varieties of jade, hetian jade, jade, jade nanyang jade, baoxing, and so on more than a dozen varieties. Meanwhile, we also often see white jade two white marble and Beijing. However, some say, white marble and Beijing jade white jade not to class. So, whether white jade jade white solid surface sheets, Beijing? If not, what is it? What is Beijing white jade and white jade, white marble so-called Beijing actually is a kind of white quartzite, because of its fine texture, luster oil moisten, white jade color, more than in the suburbs of Beijing, therefore Beijing white jade. The so-called white solid surface sheets, main component is calcium carbonate, is a kind of compound, because its color is pure white, with crystal light, pure beauty, so be a 'jade'. Look from the nature and composition, Beijing report the white marble acrylic countertops is not visible to the jade. Therefore, known as false jade is not hu mouth nonsense. But, also is not to say that Beijing white jade, white marble is the market value, only because of its high yield, wide distribution, plus is not real jade, price is relatively cheap. On the market is useful they imitate real jade, but more is dedicated to build a road. Report so, Beijing white marble is not soft jade, but the commonly used stone. How to distinguish between Beijing white jade and white jade and white marble white marble often appear on the market with Beijing pretend to the scene of hetian jade, because they are similar in color appearance contrast, simple confused some novice, so when the choose and buy needs careful distinction. What aspects of the laid hands on him? First is gloss, contains ingredients are different, the luster is different, white jade and white marble to acrylic countertops, glass luster appearance appear, and hetian jade is the jade, jade sexual enough, appearance of oil embellish burnish is more significant. Secondly, from the hardness, hetian jade fine structure, hardness, white jade and white solid surface sheets can than far from Beijing, hardness test can tell. Hotan Bai Yujing white jade and although white marble carving products, some products will be a good spectator, but go up in value, they are far less hetian jade, so it should pay attention to when choose white jade carefully distinguish, perhaps is met with the two false pretend to hotan jade white jade, otherwise we are lost, the person will be very bad for you.
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