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The complement of the beautiful garden without stone

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-10
Since the ancient times, the home feng shui yue: stone homo habilis, stone can accumulate. world there are 'no acrylic countertops garden is not beautiful, hall no stone is not gorgeous, residential no stone is not peace, monastery no stone is not refined', etc. Visible, both in the feng shui and the life that occupy the home, is very important. Especially eastern white stone, in the adornment that occupy the home as well as the use of feng shui is very wide, is extremely important. Beautiful Shi Chunchun such as peasant, born beauty sediment; Plain fittings weak always call, red silent reading. Placed in the home a white stone, exotic Oriental taste over a glass of red wine, while enjoying the colored acrylic countertops, and then experience the 'stone spend much, such as title, also cannot say the most lovely' and the beauty of artistic conception, belong to the enjoyment of ten. appreciation is the natural beauty of art, is a high and low, large and small, the contradiction between hard and soft combination, they are both opposite and unified. In essence, the man is very insignificant in nature, and even can be ignored. The smaller one, therefore, should be integrated into the nature and respect nature. Looked at collecting natural wisdom and the strength of stones, our consciousness usually first by the spirit of it sends out a breath, as if the tunnel through time, back to the source of life, full of strange and warm daydream mind, ambiguously can hear the sound of the life journey, in the shadow and meet, this can yet be regarded as a kind of stone. This seems to be condensed in the acrylic countertops. Only when the mind has a pleasure, melody flowing. is a kind of interpretation of the inner world. Despite many transcendental imagination in the human inner world, but they cannot escape the reality of rigid and fragile. On the one hand, they are subject to the conditions of existence, on the other hand, they are attracted by the freedom, in real life, they have a strong sense of loss and conflict, consciousness and the sense of belonging is an urgent need to release the gap, for the soul to find a way out. This immortal poems is born, masterpiece is handed down from ancient times such reproduction, speculative philosophy also perfected. After watching all kinds of things in the world, through the vicissitudes of life, is to make the mind quiet, forget the hustle and bustle of the city and the worry, to obtain peace and do not dispute with the world, perceive the world from stone, the perception of life. 。 。
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