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the concept of touchscreen kitchen countertops

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-04-03
Touch screen kitchen countertops are the latest and most intelligent gadgets to make your life in the kitchen easier.
Before your guests arrive at your door, you will never find yourself stealing your grandmother\'s souffle recipe again.
You will not calculate the heat and nutritional value of a portion of bacon yourself.
This is all due to the technology of touch screen kitchen tables.
The concept of touch screen kitchen tables has been studied and tried by several people in the past, but only a few have succeeded in this regard.
A successful study on the touchscreen kitchen table was done by Ryder Ziola, a graduate student at the University of Washington, along with a research team.
This system is also called Oasis system.
The touchscreen kitchen countertop, known as the countertop with the brain, is a smart home appliance that seems to come directly from the future.
The system is characterized by the use of artificial intelligence in household appliances across other levels.
The main purpose of the touch screen kitchen countertop design is to help users carry out cooking and cooking activities in a completely innovative way.
The technology, design and direction of kitchen countertop equipment using touch screen will adopt PrimeSense 3-D depth-
Sense the camera, which recognizes certain foods, ingredients, and even human hands, and responds accordingly.
At present, the touch screen kitchen table depends on color
Analyze the detection mechanism of the items placed above.
The touchscreen kitchen KKR countertop is an interactive gadget that also displays information using the new and compact technology of the Microvision Pico projector.
Placing a piece of ham on the interactive countertop shows the suggested recipes for using the ham, as well as the stored nutritional information about the ham.
The display of these details is the result of deep recognition of ham slicessensory 3-D camera.
Perceive various features such as color, nature, texture and general outline of the item placed on the countertop, and the computer searches its database at the same time and displays information on the screen.
Again, putting two different foods together will let you know the various recipes that can be made using both ingredients.
Just put a new item on the countertop and list it in the catalog to add it to the database.
Once you have finished using the display information, simply wave your hand and the camera will feel and recognize your hand to clean up the screen.
The camera can also recognize the movement of the hand and whether it is in direct contact with the touch screen kitchen countertop.
These countertops are expected to be the mainstay of the kitchen in the coming years, taking cooking to a completely different level.
The inventor even predicted that the user\'s response was as good as the touch screen, HI
Today\'s technology smartphone.
Its flexibility and ease of use make the touch screen kitchen table very cost-effective.
If you like this gadget, you may also be interested to check out the kitchen faucet of touch2o technology.
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