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The correct use and maintenance method of the bathtub - bathtub, use, maintenance

by:KKR Solid Surface     2022-05-05

▲Clean the bathtub every week to ensure that the bathtub remains dry and clean when it is not used. ▲Use neutral liquid detergents for cleaning the bathtub (do not use detergents containing abrasive ingredients and high alkalinity). Avoid using dark or thick corrosive liquids, avoid pigments immersing in the cylinder body, or the cylinder body is corroded The temperature should not exceed 85℃. ▲When the acrylic layer of the acrylic bathtub is scratched, it should be sanded with a water scrub of more than 1500#, and then wiped with a flannel dipped in toothpaste (it is better to use cloth velvet or wool for polishing) ▲Cast iron bathtub If there are scratches with rust spots, first remove the rust spots with decontamination powder, then wipe with a dry cloth, and finally apply the special adhesive for repairing the bathtub. It can not only completely remove rust spots, but also avoid the expansion of scratches. Precautions for the use of massage bathtubs ▲The water level in the bathtub can only be started when the nozzle is at least 5CM or more. The pair and the impeller sealing ring are burned out ▲When performing hydromassage, do not put towels and other sundries in the bathtub to avoid the sundries being absorbed and blocking the massage system ▲If the bathtub massage function is not used for a long time, the massage should be run at regular intervals Pump once to drain the remaining water in the pipeline to avoid bacterial growth and affect health ▲When cleaning the acrylic massage bathtub, neutral detergents should be used, and it is forbidden to use acidic, alkaline, etc. Powder and other cleaning agents, rinse the bathtub with clean water after completion, empty the water, and dry it with a soft cloth to prevent water accumulation in the pipeline and rust spots on metal accessories.

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