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the cost of concrete vs. marble countertops

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-03-17
Marble countertops are very common and very high. -
End selections for kitchen counters are usually provided with granite, tile and other popular selections.
Few people know about concrete countertops, which are made of concrete materials, such as garage slabs, but carefully handled, so that the countertops have a professional appearance.
Stains, sealants, paints and epoxy resins can all be used to make concrete countertops similar to different kinds of stones.
The concreting and mixing of concrete workbench is a mixture of water, sand and cement, just like ordinary concrete.
Manufacturers usually add other particles to enhance their strength or durability.
Typical concrete countertops are about one and one. -
Half to two inches high.
Concrete can weigh up to 20 pounds per square foot, but usually does not require additional support.
Dyes can be mixed with concrete to give it a variety of colours.
Although marble countertops are not as popular as granite, they are still a popular natural stone choice.
Although marble cannot withstand as much heat as concrete, ceramic tiles or slabs can be cut, transported and installed more easily.
Marble counters are often much thinner than concrete counters, usually three. -
A quarter of an inch.
Marble usually needs extra support. Although its color selection is not as good as concrete, it is considered to be high. -
High quality materials add more value to families.
The cost of the two countertops is different.
Concrete may have the widest range because it can be dyed, etched, imprinted or even ground, all of which greatly increase costs.
Prices remain between $68 and $150 per square foot.
The rear baffle is about $15 to $20 per foot.
Marble prices are actually lower, ranging from $30 to $100 per square foot, but thickness plays an important role in stone tiles, and thicker tiles tend to cost more.
Owners must work harder to maintain concrete countertops than marble.
Both materials are absorbable and must be carefully sealed to prevent stains, but sealants used in concrete must be replaced more frequently, which may increase-term cost.
Marble is more fragile than concrete and may require expensive maintenance if damaged, but if handled carefully, it usually has a longer service life.
Both types can be easily cleaned if sealed properly, but acid-rich detergents, such as vinegar, should not be used in marble to prevent acid from penetrating under the sealant and staining the masonry.
Concrete counters can be prefabricated or shaped in the kitchen depending on size.
Prefabricated countertops are relatively easy to install, and the cost of laying them will be lower than the sanding and bonding required for marble tiles, which requires extra care to avoid cracking.
Maintenance of indoor concrete is a longer and most expensive process, which may make marble installation cheaper.
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