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The difference between artificial and natural marble

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-21
▼ because marble durable, beautiful atmosphere, grade, and many other qualities more and more families choose marble when decorate it is well known that the marble is divided into natural marble and scagliola. So, what are the difference, how to quickly identify, how to use them? Baoxing jade stone manufacturer with you! ▼ the difference between the natural marble and scagliola natural marble is crustal rocks through action of high temperature and high pressure inside the earth's crust formation of the metamorphic rock, belong to the hard stone, mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite. Artificial marble in the clastic rock of natural marble or solid surface to be filling material, in cement, gypsum and not saturated polyester resin as adhesive, classics agitate forming, grinding, polishing and made. A: 1, the common classification of natural marble natural marble in daily use are divided into: solid surface sheets and granite. Broadly speaking, as anyone who has a texture, called the marble; The mainly point spot, known as solid surface. In a narrow sense, refers to the yunnan Dali produced stone marble. 2, for different geological concept which can be concluded that the marble with irregular and not repeat the grain, adornment effect is good, can make whole decorate more show class, suitable for each big mall and high-grade office buildings, etc. ; into crystallization granule, the overall sensory slightly rough, applies to the ground and building facade, etc. 3, used in home outfit because of natural acrylic countertops material surface pores, weak in fouling resistance, so the acrylic countertops in front of the factory, the worker will be to deal with the surface. In indoor decoration, television mesa, windowsill, indoor ground, wall of setting of mesa, wave lineup, suit to use marble and threshold, kitchen table, the ground is more suitable for outdoor use granite. 2: about artificial marble with unsaturated polyester resin as binder, natural marble, calcite, dolomite, silica sand, inorganic powder materials such as glass beads, and just the right amount of flame retardant, pigment, after mixing, casting, compression, vibration extrusion forming curing of artificial marble, the moistureproof, acid proof, alkali proof, high temperature resistant, together have a great progress on sex. Of course, every coin has two sides. The natural attribute of artificial solid surface sheets obviously insufficient, so is used in the practical requirements such as cabinets, consoles, high places, and on the windowsill, ground, wall decoration, high-end business ultra complex stresses such as the use of decorative are few and far between. Also, subject to the production process, in the use of performance of homebred man-made stone, beautiful degree is inferior to import artificial stone, also because of its characteristics, decoration performance, suitable for relatively harsh environments, such as kitchen, bathroom, but stop at the decoration project. 3: how to identify is natural marble or artificial marble? ( 1) Texture: each piece of natural marble has unique natural design and color. ( 2) Listen to the voice: generally speaking, good the knocking sound is ringing pleasing to the ear. ( 3) Check pervious to light, high light transmittance of natural marble, with a cigarette lighter or flashlight irradiation on the back of the marble, high light transmittance. ( 4) Drops of reagents: on drop a few rare hydrochloric acid, natural marble is acuteness blister, is artificial marble or even no bubbles. Natural marble is suitable for decorative home anywhere, you are from innovative fashion, elegant restoring ancient ways, the style of pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, just a good designer and natural marble perfect match!
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