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The difference between marble tile and ceramic tile

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-12-19
1, marble, marble is related to introduce crustal rocks in the lithosphere forms through action of high temperature and high pressure inside the earth's crust of metamorphic rock, also known as marble, limestone is recrystallization, main component is CaCO3. Limestone softening under high temperature and high pressure, and changes in mineral crystallization marble again. general physical properties more soft, this is relative to the case of solid surface. In indoor decoration, television mesa, windowsill, indoor ground suit to use marble. Mainly used for processing into various shaped materials, plank, building metope, ground, table, column, is often used for monuments such as tablet, tower, statues and other materials. Can also be carved in marble arts and crafts, stationery, lamps and lanterns, utensils, and other practical works of art. Texture soft solemn, elegant style, is an ideal material, decorative luxury building and artistic carving of traditional materials. 2, the related introduction of ceramic tile is a refractory metal oxides and metal oxide, through grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, the sintering process, and is one kind of acid and alkali resistant porcelain or stone construction or decoration materials, such as total called ceramic tile. Its raw materials by the mixture of clay, quartz sand and so on. Mainly is the characteristic of energy saving, and beautify the ceramic tile, ceramic tile with a significant difference between the marble is the grain of the marble is a natural formation so have flaws, floor tile is artificial each pattern design and color is the same! 3, marble and ceramic tile to compare ( 1) From the source, development concept is derived from the marble, marble tiles is derived from the marble decorative performance, marble decorative advantage of inheritance and development, and better than the marble, with style. tile is the high-tech 5 d magic color inkjet technology, RNC is to restore marble color, no color difference, color harmony natural, delicate texture clear, different from the marble color is not stable. floor is not suitable for large area, on the one hand, is the high cost, on the other hand, the marble is easy broken, loss is big, high processing requirements, unlike solid surface sheets tiles with high temperature sintering, it has strong compressive resistance, easy processing, low loss, cutting the characteristics of random. ( 2) In terms of environmental performance as building decoration materials, marble with the marble acrylic countertops, like Sally Anna marble ground brick with elegant appearance as well as natural adornment performance, each piece of marble floor tile texture is different, smooth, colour and lustre is beautiful beautiful, favored by consumers. But with the development of market economy, marble on mining, bad for the environment sustainable development. tile, catch up with the marble with its distinct adornment effect, destroy the ecological environment shall not be obliged to mining, also through the national 3 c certification, safe environmental protection, no radiation with environmental performance. ( 3) From the practical application in terms of decoration, the marble tile its realistic effect matches the marriott, sheraton hotel royal marble, etc. Since the market has been recognized by the vast consumers and favor, soon now has been widely used in villas, hotels, government project and the national well-known real estate projects. ( 4) By the analysis concluded that the marble has a natural decorative pattern, is the leading cause of the elite sought; But also because of its derived from natural, so a large number of mining is bad for the environment sustainable development. Reproduce natural marble solid surface sheets tile, its adornment effect and application is more extensive. From decorative performance, environmental performance, marble tiles have stronger than the marble can be decorative, implements the characteristics of the 'comes from the stone and is superior to the stone'. Second, the ceramic tile of choose and buy 1, see appearance is relatively easy to observe, see ceramic tile is complete whole, whether the color is united, presence of concave and convex or impurities, etc. In addition, if it is polished tile, polished tile surface protection wax with a soft cloth or reagent clean, in the light or sunlight, 45 degrees Angle of view, on the surface of the brighter the better; 2, phase modulation weight when buying ceramic tile, we can weigh the weight of the ceramic tile, in general, the greater the weight shows that the higher the density of ceramic tile, quality is better; 3, listen to the voice in central fingers tapping the tile, if sound is ringing, ceramic tile, specification ceramic tile changes degree is high, good quality, if the sound of a dull, is inferior, unfavorable buy; 4, good quality ceramic tile size measurement dimensions are standard, put the two pieces of the same species of brick overlap together face to face, the corners of alignment, turn one piece, square size YiZhiZhe good all the time. 5, touch the surface when buying ceramic tile, can use the hand gently touch the surface of ceramic tile, feel more smooth, the less the surface of the pinhole that shows ceramic tile, the stronger the ability to resist pollution ( In view of the polishing brick) ; 6, spell slot put the two pieces of the same species of brick overlap together face to face, the corners of alignment, turn one piece, turn to poor quality, the opposite. This method cannot be used for detection of archaize brick. The significant characteristic of archaize brick is any change of the surface color and decorative pattern, the surface is uneven. 7, bibulous rate, pour a glass of water on the back of the brick, the faster the water disappear show bibulous rate is higher, the quality of a material is loose, the weaker strength, strong conversely.
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