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The distribution of stone building materials market in shaanxi province, China

by:KKR Solid Surface     2020-08-05
Stone building materials market is mainly distributed in xi 'an of shaanxi province and yan 'an, shaanxi province accounted for about one-third of mineral resources, the stone material resources are mainly distributed in south shaanxi, analyzes, ankang municipality, weinan, shangluo. Shaanxi province stone varieties have; Snow White, black, dark green, five marble, xixiang daikin point, chrysanthemum and green, black sands, SLATE, green flag, shaanxi bluestone, grey pearl, the green, ziyang blue, blue blackboard, qinling black auger, canary roses, Chinese black diamond, green diamond rose, huashan white linen, the imperial concubine white white hemp hemp, California. 1, shaanxi xi da stone market address; Xi 'an not ended area north three-ring palace building materials market 2, xi 'an address of nova scotia stone city of shaanxi province; Xian xian north third ring road and west ring at the northeast corner of nova scotia stone material wholesale city is shaanxi being source real estate co. , LTD. Investment in the construction of large professional stone material wholesale market. Covers an area of about 300 mu, building area of 100000 square meters. Xi 'an shibei three-ring west segment (1 Six fort village industrial park) , near north third ring road, round high-speed, six fort village transport hub airport expressway interchange, east is adjacent to the xi 'an government planning six fort village logistics base. Market planning is reasonable, the plot ratio is low, with plenty of parking space, let the market in the transportation, passenger flow up to 100%. Market in the main road is most the breadth to amount to 28 meters, let each merchants from the narrow, crowded roads in trouble situation. Market is divided into import area, the local area, processing area, exhibit area, etc. 3, xian in shaanxi huaxia stone city address; Xi 'an not ended western area north third ring road and grass land eight-channel 4, xi 'an shaanxi province wide pottery stone city address; This market is located in xi an area not ended beichen road, The mouth to the north line) With FengCheng eight-way interchange, adjacent to the hardware market, templates, market and other building materials business area; Covers an area of 300 mu, building area of more than 16 square meters; In xi 'an, shaanxi, and the northwest first-class building materials hardware trading, warehousing, logistics base, the heart of the mature business circle; Location prominent, the road is developed, perfect supporting. Is the most convenient recently from the city proper, traffic modernization building materials market. Our market is mainly engaged in ceramics, sanitary ware, sanitary ware, jiyang solar water, stone, cabinets, etc. 5, shaanxi province fengquan stone market address; Yan 'an baota Li Qu town, 210 national road south, shaanxi province, the new 6. Undeterred palace building materials market address; Liu yan 'an baota Li Qu town hundreds of meters avenue m ditch above all in shaanxi province, mainly in the majority with granite stone, marble is grey lines of Snow White, shaanxi solid surface sheets for sale consumption fails to meet local demand, a lot of stone material manufacturers from congratulation state to buy white marble, marble is given priority to with white ash grain Huang Wen congratulation state, its storage capacity is a quarter of the white stone in the country.
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